Trim that visible hair on your pretty face


Scared of using wax to remove hair on your upper lip and sideburns? Veet has a novel solution to offer – and you’re going to love it!

The women’s beauty industry has been fuelled by centuries of demand for better, safer hair removing products, skin firming and lightening potions, and age-defying creams. But while most women can make their peace with less than ideal skin and hair, there is simply no alternative to the one essential chore women around the world go through: removing hair from their bodies.

While some women are blessed with naturally low hair growth that is not visible to the outside world, everyone else must labour through waxing or shaving sessions to remove the unseemly visible hair on their bodies. But while the major areas of the skin on the arms and legs may be easily removed, the problem of removing hair from the facial area is a complex one. The facial skin is quite delicate, and it must be threaded gently to remove the excess hair from the sides of the face, the upper lip and also the eyebrow area.

Since one can scarcely thread their skin by themselves, removing facial hair entails making a trip to the salon. Hair removal from other sensitive areas like the bikini zone is also difficult without the intervention of the salon. You cannot shave these areas, since the razor blades damage the sensitive skin and the hair regrowth is often coarse and itchy.

Taking these problems into account, Veet has the best solution to offer by way of its revolutionary Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer.

What’s great about the Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer?

This electric trimmer is designed to cut the hair at the surface of the skin, thus ensuring that the skin is not pulled or exposed to the blades. The Veet electric trimmer comes with various heads and adjustments devised for specific targeting of the different areas of the face, underarms and the bikini line. Hair removal becomes easy, targeted and painless with the Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer.

There is no chance of nicks and grazes with the electric trimmer, and you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin like never before. From shaping your eyebrows to getting a smooth upper lip, and from a last minute touch-up on the bikini line to removing hair quickly from the armpits, this electric trimmer does it all. Just be sure to use the right heads and combs for specific areas of the body, as directed on the package.

Thus, both larger and smaller areas of the skin can be treated to Veet’s superb hair removal solution for sensitive areas of the skin. Besides, you can carry the trimmer in your workbag or travel pouch for a discreet last minute touch-up before you go out into the world, your pretty self on display!