Types of Gold Chain Designs Online

Types of Gold Chain

Fashion and trends are very important in one’s life and especially a woman’s life. Different style comes and go but the trends that are elegant stay all the time in the fashion. In fashion when we talk about jewellery even though new trends emerge the old ones are not forgotten and they still stay in fashion and some of the stay evergreens throughout the time. When it comes to the jewellery the ones that are simple and elegant stay in fashion all the time and that also includes the gold chains. The chains are really very elegant depending on the type you are wearing and they are something that can be worn to an even and also casually with your formal look. Simple chains around the neck look so beautiful and elegant and adding pendants to them ads further charm but sometimes it elegant to go without a pendant especially with the short ones that wrap around your neck.

There are different types of the chains that woman prefer to wear according to their own style and trends and following are some of the gold chain designs online

Bead chains

Bead chain is in the form of very small beads that are t=attached with each other to form a long chain. These bead chains look very elegant and bead sizes may vary in different chains.


In these type of the chains, the small rectangular blocks are attached end to end and form a very elegant chain. Sometimes the blocks are very thin thus giving a very sleek look to your chain.

Braided chains

Braided chains are very beautiful and consist of three very thin chains forming a braid. Braided things look very elegant so bringing this design to the golden chains is a really good step and brings a change from the regular type of the chains. These chains are usually thick and come in different sizes.

Cable Chain

Cable chain consists of small gold rings that are interlocked with each other and they are very nice too. Women also ear these chains that are large in size giving a very bohemian look to them.

Herringbone Chain

Herringbone chain will look very good as a gold chain and gives very sleek and the elegant look.

Snake Chain

Snakeskin patterns are used in different type of the fashion accessories and we get to see this patterns in the shoe bags etc. but that t not what it’s limited to because you can also enjoy this pattern in the jewellery and among jewellery you can get a Snake gold chain. This type of chain looks very elegant on people and you must try this one out. Small snake chains that for your neck like a choker are in fashion these days.

Figaro chain

Figaro chain is very stylish and in this type of chain flattened links are present between each rectangle of the chain and with two or three small rectangles there is a consecutive long one. This chain is usually large sized and this is common among men and women both. This chain style originated in Italy and you can see most Italians wearing large sized Figaro chains.

Anchor chains

Anchor Chains are very much like the chains that are used to attach the anchor to the boat. Since the idea originates from there so this specific name to the chains was given. In this chain, the links are such that one oval plane is perpendicular to the next one and the links are square.

Gucci Chain

These chains can be worn as the bold statement chains and also thin ones with pendants and this type of chain is similar to h anchor chain but in this chain, the links are round as compared to the square ones in the anchor chair. This chain is very elegant as well as bod one and is one that you should definitely buy. Why this chain is known as the Gucci chain is because the chain part looks like the Gucci monogram.

Rope chain

A gold rope chain is very elegant too and it looks exactly like a rope with successive knots at each point and at equal distance. In this chain three or four chains are together like in the ropes and small knots are formed at equal distance and this chain looks very elegant and can be used as a gold chain or as a thin chain but most of the times this chain looks good even without a pendant.

Spiga Wheat

Just like a straw of the wheat crop, this chain looks very beautiful too and due to the same looks, it has been given the name of the Spiga wheat. In this type of chains, 4 chains are linked and twisted together to give the look of a wheat crop and look very beautiful. This chain can be worn with or without a pendant.

Rolo Chain

This type of the chain consists of the oval parts which are attached to each other in such a way that one links at 180 degrees of the consecutive link and the chain are also very beautiful. This chain comes in different widths and you can go for a width that you want to get an also depending upon the look of the chain. In gold, this chains looks very beautiful.

Singapore chain

Singapore chain is also another very beautiful chain and it is as beautiful as the country it is named after. This chain design is very complicated and twisted because it has different links and interlocking that are completely twisted and each unit is made up of different thin chains. This chain is elegant as well as very strong and it can be worn in a number of different ways.

Fancy Chain

This type of chain is very simple but it has attached small harms and another dangling item. You can select which type of chars you want and this type chain is used not only as a necklace but also as the bracelets. The can be of different sizes and you can get any charm attached to it as you may like.

Franco Chain

Franco Chain another Italian chain and this one is more elegant and smart. In this type of chain V-shaped links are attached there with no spacing and they cane worn as an elegant chain around the neck or bold one if you are going for the hip-hop look.

Omega chain

This chain consist of the small disc attached to each other side by side by the mesh and this chain is the very elegant choice for the ladies, they also can be used in different size and the bold ones will give you a very chic look.

Sparkle chain

This chain is true to its name and is very sparkly n in this chain the oval interlinks are present and in a very complicated manner that gives this chain a good sparkle.

So these are all the gold chain designs that are available for the men as well as the women ad they can be used in different sizes and you can also wear the same design as a delicate chain or as a bold one.