Types of Jewellery to Accessorize with every Outfit


Fashion is evergreen and trends change rapidly, be it outfits or jewellery. Be it a makeover of the older trend, remixed to a new one, people love fashion wholeheartedly. And if you are one of those fashion lovers, you must know how the right jewellery can highlight your outfit.

How can a pearl accentuate your look?

Pearl has been known to add panache to your overall look and enhance your sense of style. However, there are a few quick pointers to know about.

Occasionally, you can mix and match and really play up a black dress with chunky pearl jewellery, or oxidized jewellery, which can make you stand out in your simple kurta. However, this kind of experimentation won’t work always. So, it is important that you accessorise your outfit with the right jewellery next time when you go to an event. To help you look great, check out the list of accessories and how to wear them on different outfits.

  1. Pearl Neckpiece

Pearl is one of the famous astrological gems across the world. It is a beautiful stone associated with the moon, which also adds benefits to a person’s life. Pearl jewellery is contemporary in fashion and comes in many designs.

One of them is Opera necklace, which looks best when worn on deep neck blouses or gowns. It is a perfect pick for those who love a touch of elegance. If the jewellery’s length is 36 inches, then you can wear it as a choker or single strand necklace. As it is versatile jewellery, it can be worn on any outfits, be it vintage look or a cocktail party look, or simply casuals.

  1. Collar Necklace

A collar necklace goes well with most of the neck designs such as V-necks, turtlenecks, boat necks, or off-shoulder. They are 13 inches long and usually made of multiple strands of kundan and pearl.

  1. Princess Necklace

A princess necklace is the most common necklace; it is around 19 inches in length. Available in heavy to light designs, it is a great piece of jewellery for any occasion. You can wear a light necklace with a saree, suits, or kurtis, and a heavy necklace to sparkle in an evening event.

  1. Choker

A choker is around 14 to 16 inches long and worn close to the neck. It is a classic piece that goes with every outfit from casual to formal and traditional. Chokers with filigree work make fine pearl jewellery. This combination will add elegance to both – an ethnic wear or a cocktail dress.

  1. Bib Necklace

As per its name, the necklace covers you like a bib. One of the latest jewellery trends, it’s a great way to replace your scarf with this necklace. This bold necklace goes very well with an outfit that is simple and understated.


Whether it’s pearl jewellery or a choker necklace, the right jewellery paired correctly according to shapes, sizes, and colour can add a dramatic effect to your overall look, and create a fashion statement.