Understanding Mistakes During The Start Of A Relationship

Mistakes During The Start Of A Relationship

After we have gone through more than a couple of failures in relationships or marriage, it is easy to think that we are the culprit. But, perhaps it is not us and we happen to be pretty unlucky to have a series of failures. Even so, it is a good idea to immediately assess our situation and find sources of problems. Many of us are dreaming to find the perfect lover, the one that cherishes and loves us. Nothing is better than being in love with someone perfect.

The real problem is that, he or she may not be the Mr. or Mrs. Right. Many people are smart to figure out whether someone is good enough for them. However, when someone shows his or her interest, it is probably that person is genuinely attracted to our physical appearance or the person simply thinks that we will succumb easily to his/her charms. So let’s assume that the person is genuinely attracted to us.

This will be much better if we are also attracted to him or her. It is quite common to hear relationships begin from friendship, intellectual and business connections. There’s nothing wrong it, many successful relationships also started with physical attractions.

However we should know that bad things could start at this stage. Men typically try to convince women that they are sincere and when women believe them, it is very likely that the relationship will proceed. But if it is not, it is also possible that women will say no. Obviously, there are players who have multiple tricks to get attention from girls. They may even memorize maps to start the conversation with girls.

They pretend that they live in a nearby place from the girl’s hometown and even started to talk about people that they don’t know. Girls love to meet someone who lives nearby and this would be an opportunity for players to take advantage of these girls. Most women would feel angry and hurt, because they are used and lied to. But the problem is because they are unable to find out whether a man is completely sincere.

In fact many players may say that girls tend to live for the fantasy and they want a dream. If men could provide that, girls could start to forget everything and they don’t even realize that these men are using them. Obviously, girls are not entirely sincere either. They don’t talk about their usual morning cramps and recent P.M.S. They don’t want to let the man know how they look like without makeup during the first few months.

Evaluating the start of a relationship can be very difficult to do, but we should learn from our previous failures and even better our friends’ failures to prevent repeating them again. With each new mistake, we could always improve ourselves and try to eliminate bad habits progressively. Good habits may take some time to form, but they may require a lot of rewards and repetition.