Upper bounce replacement trampoline safety net


The benefits of jumping on a trampoline are not unknown to anyone of us. It is the most convenient and stimulating tool to maintain body fitness without straining the muscles. Kids love it for fun they derived from it, and elders love it because it converts their monotonous work out sessions into exciting ones.

However, the risks of jumping on a trampoline are also many. There are high risks of falling off from it and causing strains, neck, arm and leg injuries. So, it is imperative that you follow the instructions stated in the user manual and have fun responsibly.

If you are planning to buy a trampoline for your family, there are certain things you must look into before you go ahead with the purchase. In this article, we will try to answer all the frequently asked questions about Upper Bounce trampoline and ensure that you can have fun without any tension.

Benefits of Jumping on a trampoline.

  • Jumping on a trampoline for three days in a week for maximum half an hour will help you to stay fit.
  • The lymphatic flow which relies entirely on your body’s movement is increased, and thus it helps in detoxifying your body from the wastes stored, more effectively.
  • Helps in destroying the bad cells in your body and boosts your immunity. Some studies have also proven that regular usage of the trampoline can help in fighting deadly cells like cancer also.
  • Rebounding helps in eliminating the excess fat in your body by stimulating the thyroid gland to clean itself and by freeing the lymphatic system from the excessive stowed fat in it.
  • Strengthens the respiratory system.
  • Improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Refines your cognitive skills by strengthening your body and mind harmonization, fine-motor balance, concentration.
  • Strengthens your body muscles especially those in the legs.

Safety tips while buying a trampoline for your domestic usage.

  • Check the maximum weight limit of the trampoline and stick to it strictly.
  • User manual guide must be there, better if a video is available.
  • The frame of the trampoline is the most crucial part that holds the weight, and thus it must be strong.
  • An enclosed trampoline is on given any day much safer the open ones.
  • To ensure the longevity confirm that the other parts like the mat, springs, and nuts are of good quality.
  • A ladder is essential to ensure that you can climb up and down from the trampoline safely.

Upper Bounce trampoline nets

A safety net ensures that you do not fall off or hurt yourself while enjoying or exercising on the trampoline. It acts as a protective cover around the trampoline. While some of the trampolines come with the enclosure, you need to affix it, and others do not come with it. If the net is not a part of the package, you can purchase it separately.

If you are purchasing the enclosure separately or if your old net needs to be replaced, ensure that you know the size and shape of the trampoline. The average rate of a net varies from USD 4 to USD 65, for a 12 to 15 feet trampoline. It is affordable and worth investing in even if you have a large jumping base for extra protection.

Dangers of jumping on a trampoline without a net.

It has been studied that children are more prone to accidents if the trampoline is not enclosed and this risk is the highest for children below the age of 6 years.

Trampoline enclosures ensure safety to you and your family, so make sure that you purchase it from a renowned brand. By investing a few extra bucks, you will enrich your jumping experience while confirming peace of mind. Besides safeguarding you, beginners and kids can hold on to it while jumping for the extra support.

  • Not safe for kids as their motor skills are not as developed as elders and the chances of falling off are very high.
  • Ensures a certain level of protection from the dust and sun rays.
  • Leg and hand injury.
  • Sometimes it can also cause a head injury.

The features of Upper Bounce trampoline net.

  • The net is made of such quality that it does not block your vision while you are jumping. You can also keep an eye on the kids if they are using it alone.
  • Available for four poles, six poles, and eight poles.
  • To ensure utmost safety, the net is made of international quality.
  • The “Sleeves on Poles” net attaches to trampoline by wrapping the rods with the sleeves and thus giving you more space for jumping.
  • The net can be affixed at the bottom with the V-rings ensuring maximum safety.
  • Available for different sizes of trampolines.
  • The net is made of the tightly knitted material to make sure that your fingers or feet do not get entangled while jumping.
  • Comes with double-sided zip from both inside and outside.
  • The sleeves are made of the best quality material.
  • Being made of weatherproof material you can safely place your trampoline in the outdoor area without fear of wear and tear.
  • Most of the products come with a warranty, thus ensuring durability.

Some of the available Upper Bounce trampoline nets.

  • Mega Trampoline Net. This is the most significant net available from the superior brand Upper Bound. Being available in 10 ft. X 17 feet, you can affix it to a rectangular shaped trampoline conveniently. This fiber bend enclosure is very easy to assemble and doesn’t need any technical expertise. Moreover, this also ensures that it has the durability and flexibility to absorb your movements while you are jumping.
  • Upper Bounce replacement 15 inches enclosure. This trampoline’s safety net is for 15 feet round frames. This adjustable enclosure is ideal for six poles. However, the poles are not included and need to be purchased separately.
  • Upper Bounce replacement 16 inches enclosure. Like the 15 inches enclosure, this is also suitable for round trampolines but a frame measuring of 16 inches.

There are various other Upper Bound enclosures available in the market and each with a separate specification. Besides the size and shape of the trampoline, it is also important to confirm the shape of the poles.  Certain enclosures are best suited for straight poles, while others are for arched poles. So, ensure all the features before you purchase an enclosure.

Measure the jumping mat from outside to get the correct measurement. An incorrect measurement will make you land upon a wrong purchase and thus even if the net fits it, and it will impact its durability and safety.

Now that you have answers to all the frequently asked questions about Upper Bounce trampoline hope you understand the necessity of the same and buy an enclosure if you do not have one.

Enjoy the benefits of a trampoline with precaution!