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Buying Sunglasses

Everyone knows that sunglasses, whether on the road or the water, make it easier to see on a sunny day. However, the safest protection for preventing ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing short-and long-term eye harm is wearing the right sunglasses.

Studies have shown that accumulated sun exposure to ultraviolet can increase the risk of cataracts, the world’s leading cause of blindness, pterygium development, and many eye cancer forms. Although anyone can potentially suffer these conditions, children, and people with light-colored eyes should be particularly vigilant because their eyes might be more vulnerable to sun-ray damage. This is why it is of utmost importance that you consider buying the right pair of sunglasses that are suitable for your eyes and what you personally need.

To help the public better shield their eyes from the glare, this article shares a list of essential factors to consider when buying sunglasses:

  • Ensure a hundred percent of it. A sticker or tag showing that they block 100 percent of UV rays is the most critical thing to look for when purchasing sunglasses to protect your eyes. However, fewer than half of the people who buy sunglasses bother to check whether the lenses shield the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Better to choose a larger frame.The more shielding from sunglasses, the less damage to the eyes caused by the sun. Consider purchasing bulky glasses or wraparound-style glasses, which lessen the impact on UV entering the eye from the hand.
  • Darker lenses don’t have better security. Although very dark lenses might look nice, more UV rays do not necessarily block them.
  • No matter the hue. Some sunglasses come with lenses that are amber, green, or grey. They do not block more light, but contrast can increase, which can help athletes who play sports such as baseball or golf.
  • Polarized lenses cut UV glare.Polarization decreases glare coming off reflective surfaces such as water or pavement. This does not provide more cover from the sun but makes it safer or more fun for driving or being on the water.
  • Cost does not have to be a consideration.To work well, sunglasses do not need to cost a lot of money. Less expensive pairs classified as 100% UV-blocking can be just as powerful as more expensive alternatives.

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Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming to shop for sunglasses, particularly online. Many styles come in different sizes, and each brand tries to promote various characteristics. Most importantly, to avoid breakage and scratches, sunglasses should be stored in a soft case when nose pads or limbs break off. It is recommended that clients bring an optician with their sunglasses. They’ll even clean the lenses and patch worn-out nose pads while they’re fixing the sunglasses. It is even more important to buy sunglasses from a reliable shop such as the eye lab.