Wedding Favors – Creative Ideas can Add Value that Speaks Volumes


Every couple dreams of an ideal wedding. You spend the wedding day with your dear friends and loving family, who have travelled from far or near to celebrate it. To express your gratitude towards guests offer meaningful and creative wedding favors. It will be appreciated by everyone.

Giving wedding favors is an ancient tradition that has extremely evolved over years. Now, couples use their creativity in presenting favors, which are personal and thoughtful.

Are Wedding Favors Essential?

Wedding favors are not crucial, but are a wonderful and gentle way of thanking the guests and giving them memoirs of your big day. If your budget does not allow you then don’t think of it, but remember favors need not be expensive or extravagant… is really the thought that matters.

How to Select a Favor

  • Be original
  • Choose something meaningful
  • Pick something to match your wedding theme
  • Gauge current trends to get an idea, but be unique
  • Remember not to waste money on things that guests are sure to leave behind on the tables or throw away

The true value is the intrinsic implication behind the gift along with lasting memories every guest will have about your wedding. If you are on budget put inexpensive hash tags, personalized ribbons or custom labels on any kind of gifts you select.

It can make a vast impact, if personalization is not your taste you can gift-pack wedding favors in small boxes or baskets or accent them with colorful ribbons. You will find plenty of unique favors from Pure Invitation, a well-appreciated brand.

Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas

  • A scented, colored candle that matches wedding theme
  • Candles made from thrifty teacups included with simple and cute embossed matchbox
  • A tin full of colored candies, personalized with wedding date and your names
  • Ready to plant miniature pots
  • Heart bottle stoppers, Wine charms or Wine bottles can all be custom-made
  • Instagram Coasters that include meaningful and beautiful photos (avoid to decorate coasters with your face)
  • Bar sets or corkscrews
  • Antique bottle openers
  • Mini sketch books
  • Journals
  • Personalized tea, coffee or cocktail mixes
  • Personalized lip balm will be truly appreciated as a person loses an average of one lip balm in a week
  • Savory and sweet homemade Granola with a choice to pick flavors from, these munchies will be enjoyed on the car ride home with delight
  • Load a CD or DVD with your personal playlist and favorite photos. Guests can go home excited with the memoirs that will be played forever
  • A personalized package of coffee beans
  • Salt water taffy in yummy flavors like pumpkin and hazelnut
  • For summer wedding sun glasses can be an ideal choice
  • Every guests can use an extra water bottle or shot glasses
  • Donuts, jar of jam, jar of mason moonshine
  • Homemade limoncello,Sriracha salt, vanilla extract, tiny pies in jar
  • For destination wedding luggage tags, soaps, flip flops(ladies in heels will certainly appreciate these)
  • Elegant hangover kit that includes Gatorade bottle, eye mask and ibuprofen
  • For weddings in November or December vintage ornaments are perfect
  • Customizable nail polish make a cute favor for your lovely bridesmaid
  • Get temporary tattoos that guests may actually desire to wear
  • Mugs personalized with couples initials or pictures filled with candies
  • Adorable containers filled with local honey
  • Cute tote bag


Wedding favors can be added to the table decorations or made part of reception flowers, linen and settings. The presentation and gift will reflect your intention. A little creativity touch and thoughtfulness is the key that can speak volumes.

Thoughtful Touches and Creativeness

  • Beautiful packaging– Wrappings wedding favors with ribbons, gift boxes and custom labels can take time but the gifts will look clean. It does not matter if the gift pack is simple and inexpensive, the effort you made to pack it will be felt.
  • Personalize it– Wedding favors can be made more special by engraving or printing your names & wedding dates or adding a unique message. If your handwriting is best then hand printing will give an extra personal touch. Some people hire calligraphers for penning a message on favor packages. Laser engraving on chopstick sets is classy but inexpensive option.
  • Make them functional– To the wedding favors, attach a tag with your guest’s name & table numbers. They can be set at the entrance on a table. Moreover, they will play the role of escort cards.
  • Create hang tags– Hang tags with your wedding date and new monogram can be hanged to the favors. Be creative and make hang tags of any shape, color or size.
  • Breakaway centerpieces –Centerpieces are comprised of several detachable elements. Centerpieces are often flower arrangement in several small vases or candles of varied heights. Boxes of wedding favors are stacked in the middle. Guests are invited to take them before heading home.
  • Dress chairs– You can save table space for food and hang the wedding favors bag with handles from reception chairs. This is an innovative way to present as well as dress the chair.
  • Wedding favor tree– An innovative concept for Christmas wedding. Punch holes in Glassine bags full of candy. With ribbons, twine them around tree branches. At the end, guests can unknot the bag and take home a sweet memento.
  • Pile in baskets– The wedding favors can be piled in several baskets and left at the door. Ensure that you leave a reminder note for the guests to take a gift before parting.
  • Have kids distribute them– Kids too can help. They can wall around the hall with basket full of wedding favors and give to each guest. Just be sure that they do not miss any table.

Remember the Little Guests

Usually children get the same wedding favors as adults, but a little juvenile touch towards their gifts will be appreciated. Give children personalized candies or cookies you know they are sure to enjoy. You can give them wedding bubblegum buddies that are all time favorites among little guests.

Wedding Favor Custom – Final Advice

Plan in advance! It does not matter whether the list comprises of 20 or 350 wedding guests. Planning gives you a lot of time to select wedding favors. You need time to research online sites and different retail stores. Wedding favors is all about sharing your love as well as adding the silver lining to your memorable wedding day.