What is the significance of jewellery in women’s lives?


Women and jewellery, there is a very deep and old connection between these two. Women are passionate about jewellery.  It is also a sign of femininity and social status in society. All kind of jewellery gives a special feel and confidence to ladies. They wear variant jewellery pieces for different body parts. Jewellery is the most important part of marriages. Brides are adorned with a variety of jewellery pieces that make her even more beautiful. Jewellery is a very important part of every woman’s life from the beginning of the relationship what usually known as engagement ceremony until marriage and even after that. Nowadays, the rings worn in an engagement ceremony come with unlimited designs. They are also available in pair for groom and bride both.

You have also an option to buy engagement rings online where you will get unlimited choices of them. Jewellery is not limited to any specific place while it is used everywhere in the world. Necklace, bracelet, bangle, earrings, these are the extremely popular jewellery pieces. Higher status people of our society wear expensive jewellery and they have a large collection of it. Some special jewellery pieces for different body parts refer to any specific religion. It is always seen that a successful outfit is completed after wearing the right accessories with the dress. There is a wide variety of jewellery adorned by women. These are:

  1. Necklace: It is closest to every woman’s heart which is also worn near the heart. It adds beauty into your neck. Different types of metals and stones are used to design necklaces. Gold is the common metal on which variant stones, gems or diamonds are added and provide a stunning look.
  2. Earrings: The most commonly used jewellery piece that you will find in almost every married or unmarried lady’s ears. They are available in different colours so that you can match them with your any dress. Due to a wide variety of shapes, colour and size, it added a beautiful look into your personality.
  3. Bangles: It is said that bangles are one of the symbols of a married lady but also it is used by unmarried girls. It enhances the beauty of hands. Bracelets are also becoming famous among the girls these days.
  4. Nose ring: It is worn in the nose and added special looks into brides.

Gold, diamond, platinum or pearls and many other metals and gems used in jewellery are the most expensive. It is much significant for women since ages. It is used on different occasions by girls and women. Not only has it improved the beauty also give security at the time of financial crisis. It is a symbol of power, status and wealth.