What Makes A Halo Engagement Ring More Captivating To Buyers?

Halo Engagement Ring

Do you get carried away by the trendy large-sized engagement rings worn by celebrity stars? If yes, then you can also be the next one to sport your dream engagement ring on your finger and steal the show. You must be surprised, right? Well, hang on. It indeed is true. And if you guys are wondering about the price, then let’s tell you that with these big-sized ‘Halo’ rings, you can make a big splash without compromising your little budget. These sorts of engagement rings connect with millennial shoppers.

Now, did you point out the term ‘halo’ above? No? Well, you can rewind a little and get it checked once again. And if you already have come across it and are still confused, then hold on a bit as we are going to discuss it in a short while.

Halo – A Brief Insight

The first and foremost question that arises in our mind is that what is a halo on engagement rings?For the unversed, the ‘halo’ is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a cluster of round pave or micro-pave diamonds or even faceted colored-gemstones. These stones glitter every time light falls at its cut edges and makes everyone gaze at its centerpiece.

The History of Halo

The halo engagement ring marked its beginning in the 1920s. It was the time when the style known as ‘Art Deco’ rose to prominence. In the recent era, this popular style has taken a U-turn and has bolstered the resurgence of halo rings leaving behind the classic solitaire.

Why Have Halo Rings Grabbed The Attention of Buyers?

If you are keen on identifying the reasons why the halo engagement rings have become the hotpicks for the buyers, then let’s remind you that the reason is not just one, but many. So, let’s discuss them in brief.

  • Elegant design – The halo engagement rings define elegance to the next level. They exhibit both classic as well as stylish design. The most classic one is that of a big stone supported on a neat & narrow band. Besides, a round colorless center diamond paired with colorless pave stones on a white gold or platinum ring is simply mesmerizing.
  • Reasonable Price – Although the incomparable beauty and elegance of the halo rings prompts the fact that they are extraordinarily priced and that they are luxury stuff, but they are quite affordable, and, can be owned by people of all classes.
  • Unmatched finish – Whether you choose to pave part of the shank or leave the metal bare, the finish of these halo rings is simply wow. Furthermore, the tenets of the Art Deco are well followed by creating symmetry in the number of stones on both sides of the shank.
  • Durable – Both diamond stones on the halo rings, as well as diamond bracelets, are of long-lasting quality. A simple look at the compactness is enough to prove it.
  • Multiple options to choose from – Personalization is the other name for halo rings. They provide a myriad of options to choose from. You can prefer radiant cuts of the center stone, contrasting pave colors, different metals as well as numbers of halos.
  • Over-the-top luster – The luster of halo rings is something that adds oomph to your classic design besides being durable and versatile.

So all you lovelies, get a halo engagement ring for your big day, adorn your ring finger with it, and feel that ‘Wow!’ moment over and over again.