Why Customised Pens are a Great Idea for Any Business


Think about how often you pick up a pen in just one single day, and you can easily see why a customised pen will serve your business as a very helpful marketing tool.

Customised pens, (also known as “promotional pens”), can be printed with the name of a business and/or its logo, address and telephone number. Counting on the pen’s thickness, the client can have up to 4-6 lines of text and enough space for other important information.

  • Logos are also popular and printed on pens, although this can naturally reduce the number of text lines.


Nowadays, you will be happy to hear that customised pens are very much affordable, with many kinds being available at around half an Aussie dollar.

And just like any other items, the more pens which are ordered, the lower the price. Standard customised pens are commonly screen printed in one ink colour, although additional colours are normally available for an additional small cost.

Getting Your Name Out There

Customised pens, aside from being helpful items, are a really great method of getting your company name and logo out there in the big old marketplace and further into the hands of potential customers or clients.

Besides being available in-house for staff, they can be given away with any shipments to ensure that your company’s name stays active in the customer’s surroundings. (And thus encourage future business).

  • The pens themselves can be handed out freely at events such as conventions, promotional shows and symposiums, and even used as a mass marketing tool.

Pen Types

Companies such as ghpa.com.au can provide a wide range of customised pens, from ballpoint to stylus, plastic to metal. Counting on the kind of business being promoted, the type and quality of the pen is of importance.

  • It might seem that only the expensive type of pens will create the best impression, but this isn’t always the case.

For instance, a successful building business, might want to choose a good plastic utility pen that works without waste.

  • The receiving of costly looking customised pens from a building contractor might just make any potential customers a little bit wary that they might just be overcharged for any unnecessary extras on a job.

Matters of Quality

All customised pens should work properly and write smoothly, no matter what their price. Any type of pen that doesn’t write properly, will then go on to create frustrations which will be symbolically linked to that name on the pen, instead of its manufacturer.

Nearly all businesses that deal in customised pens will be more than happy to send any potential customers some free samples.

  • A smooth writing pen is indeed a pleasure to use, and the positive association will make sure that your company name remains in the mind of all users.

Customised pens are an ideal and inexpensive method of keeping your advertising working for you 365 days a year!