5 Items That You Can Give to Your Boss


It’s tough to decide what to give your boss who earns thrice of your salary. Giving an expensive gift is not the solution. You have to think something unusual and unique to surprise your immediate senior. A thoughtful gift always makes anyone’s day special and when it is your boss’s birthday or a successful day in his career you should pick the best thing to impress him. Let your boss know how you feel working with him. Who knows your boss may also have something to give you. Followings are a few items that are ideal to surprise your boss. Visit Sweetbasket.com for detail information.An exquisite bouquet: What you can’t express in words, a bunch of flowers can. It’s a sophisticated gift to wish your boss on his birthday or promotion or any other event. This is something that you can present him even if he throws a party in his house. It’s a wonderful gesture and the safest gift to congratulate him on any day. A flower has its own charm to mesmerize anyone.Gourmet box: If you know your boss and his likings, you can consider a gourmet box to wish him on his special days. Giving someone a special gift that contains his favorite items will help you create a good impression. It will certainly strengthen your relation and it may turn into a personal bonding.Champagne and wine: If you have a good rapport with your boss you can think of giving him his favorite wine or champagne on an important day in his life. It reflects a class and it can double the joy of the celebration. This may be a conventional gift but a good choice for birthday or housewarming party.Coffee & tea: Does your boss drink a lot of tea or coffee? If yes, give him a flavored tea or finely preserved coffee beans. It will make his day and he will appreciate your observation and effort for gifting something that he likes a lot. A tea or a coffee lover will cherish such an unconventional gift.Box of chocolate: This is an ideal gift item for a lady boss. Chocolate is such a tempting item that anyone hardly can say no to it. Be it birthday, anniversary, promotion, or transfer, a box filled with assorted chocolate can always change the mood. It’s undoubtedly a good option to impress your lady boss; however, men also have some weakness for this.

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