Celebration And Events At Its Best With The Rings

Now a days the celebration is given first priority when compared to every event because it itself is a major point for refreshment from the job stress and most often they are celebrated on weekends. The celebration is done for many events like birthday parties weddings engagement marriages house warming ceremony etc. In each and every case the most important point is collection of jewellery especially for engagement rings.

Life Time Promises Made With Sh Jewels Rings

There are many types of engagement rings for bride and groom for making their promises.

Fantacied Collection

Nimbus rings are well intended wedding rings and are preferred to give the best for customers. There is tall level of best sophistications given by the clienteles. The best fashionable jewels are developed by using the vest for customers. The stone is used as centre if beauty then the illumination is lighter when wore. There are numerous flairs to copy the sized ones and the size is apparent for middle of diamond and there are numerous choices and three consider it as factor of cheap and more the bigger and bright look.

Special Collections

There are three kinds of rhombuses which are set up and intended in such a way that they are present at middle of ring. The most vital feature is it is sealed highly compared to aura type because it us the most ancient type of circle and is preferred by many people. The three rhombi in between are so large inn size and have a wide gaps in between and it occupy more space. The designs of the hoop vary version to the client depends on the finger size of customer and most if the time the brides prefer small and sweet stones in between rings. The SH showroom shows the best in dealing with the customers. The customers form the best in commerce with the persons.

Collection At Different Shapes

As we all know the lozenge is most common in use and it varies in shape and size of ring. The more the lozenges inserted the more the rhombuses place in between there must be space in amid the diamonds. The rhombi are well versed in the creation. The diamonds are designated according to customer interest .Modest of the time customers prefer small diamonds and very few select large ones. The best stylish jewels are industrialised by using the vest for patrons. The stone is used as middle if beauty then the illumination is sunlit when wore. There are frequent flairs to copy the sized ones and the size is apparent for middle of diamond and there are numerous choices and three contemplate it as issue of cheap and more the greater and optimistic look.


Profess Your Love With Some of The Best Hoskings Engagement Rings

Love is the most important and the most powerful thing on the planet. There is nothing in the world that can make a person do something big and bold than with love. That is why you can find lovers do all sorts of crazy things just to profess their affection to one another. But one thing that is most important when it comes to love and confessions is when the big question comes along. There is nothing more unnerving but romantic moment that needs to be done perfectly more than this. As such, you should also make it a point that even your engagement ring is all prepared while looking as perfect as your partner.

Thus, you would need something as great as Hoskings’ engagement rings for your proposal. These are the best in the market that you can find in the market in terms of high-quality jewelry. But that is what your partner deserves and you know that you have to start giving them the best. So why not make get one from the best engagement rings online store in the entire world? Shop Hoskings Jewellers today.

Long-Standing History

You do not simply stay relevant and successful for all these years if your product was not worth the time and money. That is why this jewelry store has long been standing ever since 1945. That long and proud history is something that can be seen with their numerous decades of styles in their jewelry. All of their items exude a strong ray of immense high-class that is simply timeless no matter how you look at it. Now, that is something that is worth showcasing to your loved one to hold for the rest of your lives.

You can also expect similar quality in all the jewelry that they have on sale. Each one is made with only the most supreme quality of metals to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. All of this without any sign of wearing and tearing in the near future. You can even have your jewelry polished and re-shined if needed without any charge with their lifetime customer care.

Something for Everyone

In the many years that this company has been around, there is one thing that is ever-changing, and that is style. Each person has their own unique style when it comes to fashion and jewelry. As such, it is often something that people need to take into consideration when it comes to gifting an engagement ring.

That is why the designers made sure that there are a perfect style and shape for almost every person possible. This can only be done with their skill and longevity in the business. As such, you can rest easy knowing that you can find something that would be perfect on your partner’s hands.


What Makes A Halo Engagement Ring More Captivating To Buyers?

Do you get carried away by the trendy large-sized engagement rings worn by celebrity stars? If yes, then you can also be the next one to sport your dream engagement ring on your finger and steal the show. You must be surprised, right? Well, hang on. It indeed is true. And if you guys are wondering about the price, then let’s tell you that with these big-sized ‘Halo’ rings, you can make a big splash without compromising your little budget. These sorts of engagement rings connect with millennial shoppers.

Now, did you point out the term ‘halo’ above? No? Well, you can rewind a little and get it checked once again. And if you already have come across it and are still confused, then hold on a bit as we are going to discuss it in a short while.

Halo – A Brief Insight

The first and foremost question that arises in our mind is that what is a halo on engagement rings?For the unversed, the ‘halo’ is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a cluster of round pave or micro-pave diamonds or even faceted colored-gemstones. These stones glitter every time light falls at its cut edges and makes everyone gaze at its centerpiece.

The History of Halo

The halo engagement ring marked its beginning in the 1920s. It was the time when the style known as ‘Art Deco’ rose to prominence. In the recent era, this popular style has taken a U-turn and has bolstered the resurgence of halo rings leaving behind the classic solitaire.

Why Have Halo Rings Grabbed The Attention of Buyers?

If you are keen on identifying the reasons why the halo engagement rings have become the hotpicks for the buyers, then let’s remind you that the reason is not just one, but many. So, let’s discuss them in brief.

  • Elegant design – The halo engagement rings define elegance to the next level. They exhibit both classic as well as stylish design. The most classic one is that of a big stone supported on a neat & narrow band. Besides, a round colorless center diamond paired with colorless pave stones on a white gold or platinum ring is simply mesmerizing.
  • Reasonable Price – Although the incomparable beauty and elegance of the halo rings prompts the fact that they are extraordinarily priced and that they are luxury stuff, but they are quite affordable, and, can be owned by people of all classes.
  • Unmatched finish – Whether you choose to pave part of the shank or leave the metal bare, the finish of these halo rings is simply wow. Furthermore, the tenets of the Art Deco are well followed by creating symmetry in the number of stones on both sides of the shank.
  • Durable – Both diamond stones on the halo rings, as well as diamond bracelets, are of long-lasting quality. A simple look at the compactness is enough to prove it.
  • Multiple options to choose from – Personalization is the other name for halo rings. They provide a myriad of options to choose from. You can prefer radiant cuts of the center stone, contrasting pave colors, different metals as well as numbers of halos.
  • Over-the-top luster – The luster of halo rings is something that adds oomph to your classic design besides being durable and versatile.

So all you lovelies, get a halo engagement ring for your big day, adorn your ring finger with it, and feel that ‘Wow!’ moment over and over again.


Aquamarine engagement ring: The Ring with a blue Diamond

Aquamarine is a kind of beryl that appears in shades of dark blue to light blue. The various hues of blue color make this particular beryl very distinctive and beautiful. Aquamarine was named such because it reflects the color of the sea very beautifully. The beryl has a divine history. The stone was known as the sailor’s stone because it was believed that the stone calms the sea and prevent seasickness. An interesting fact about the aquamarine gemstone is that it is dichroic sometimes looking blue and sometimes colorless which depends on the angle from which you are looking at it. Aquamarine gemstone is used for various purposes and one of them is making rings from these magnificent gemstones.

Engagement of two Souls

When two individuals are madly in love with each other, they take a step forward in their relationship and that is when they decide to get engaged. This step of engagement holds a very important place in their relationship. Engagement to them is not just exchanging rings with each other but a promise to each other to always stay together in happiness and sadness or whatever the circumstances are. Thus choosing a ring becomes very crucial as it’s not just a ring of metal and stones rather it holds great sentiments and most importantly loves.

Why Should You Choose Aquamarine Engagement Rings ?

While searching a ring for your partner, you want a ring that is beautiful to look at, and at the same time, you want your partner to connect with that ring. You exchange a ring with your partner as a sign of love and commitment towards each other. You really might get frustrated choosing the perfect ring; a ring with which your partner will instantly fall in love.

Aquamarine ring is the answer to your deliberate search and numerous doubts about rings. Aquamarine Engagement Rings are beautiful looking because of its crystal clear blue hues. They appear in magnificent icy blue color which amazes everyone. You surely want your partner to love the ring which you are giving her as a sign of your love and commitment. It is indeed the ring with which your partner will fall in love instantly.

History and Divine Qualities

Aquamarine has a very amazing history as famous as it’s beauty. It is also famous for their divine qualities. It was known as the sailor’s stone. Sailors believed that these stones hold good luck for them as they calm the sea and help them in their sea voyage and prevent their seasickness. The aquamarine stone is also believed to be a mirror that reflects the hidden meanings of reality. The stone holds great value for prophets because it is helpful and conducive for meditation and revelation. Aquamarine is also believed to have mysterious energy that helps an individual explore the deepest and darkest depths of his or her soul and confront them.

One of The Best Engagement Rings

An aquamarine ring is very appreciated as a crystal of love. This loving crystal is a symbol of compassion and harmony. It is believed to have the power of making a relationship more strong and enduring. It is also believed as an eternity ring that brings more love, commitment, and fidelity between both the partners. When two different individuals get engaged and come to live together for a lifetime, they might face various problems in adjustment and with their differences. Aquamarine known as the symbol of love keeps up the harmony in the relationship and helps partners keep up with their differences peacefully and give them more strength to deal with all kinds of circumstances. The ring gives you both the energy to express your love for each other on a daily basis through small gestures.

The Blue Diamond

The icy blue aquamarine ring is also a symbol of courage and communication. It is also known as Blue Diamond. It helps the partners to communicate with each other in an open heart and understand each other’s emotions, which makes their relationship more enduring. This ring is also believed to make partners come back to each other every time.

Giving an aquamarine ring to your partner on your engagement would definitely be one of the best decisions you have ever made. As the aquamarine ring is not only beautiful and heart-warming but it is a big gift to your relationship. That gift which will make your relationship more strong, harmonious, prosperous, and enduring. It is the ring that will bring a lifetime of happiness and love.

How Long Aquamarine Rings Last ?

When you buy a ring which is not diamond, you always have this doubt whether it will last long enough or not. Aquamarine ring will last very long along with its gorgeousness. Rings made with aquamarine stone are tough and their color is stable for a very long period. However, they should not have any encounter with heat exposure and hydrofluoric acid.

You can keep it clean with warm soapy water. When it is soaked in the water for several minutes you can take a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean the stone. After cleaning it properly remember to wipe it with a soft cloth. After cleaning it you will again wear your crystal cleared blue gemstone ring.


An engagement ring is a commitment to your partner which symbolizes your promise to love your partner throughout a lifetime. Choosing an aquamarine ring would be a great decision because you will be gifting your partner a lifetime of happiness. Aquamarine ring is very beautiful, gorgeous, and at the same time, it contributes to your relationship tremendously. It keeps up the love, harmony, fidelity, and compassion in the relationship. It gives them the courage to deal with the difficult situation so that you and your partner will always find a way back to each.

So, if you are searching for a beautiful engagement ring, you should absolutely go for the gorgeous aquamarine ring. You may always choose the blue diamond for your loved one. He or she must be happier than having a common diamond engagement ring.


Planning For A 10 Year Anniversary Gift For Wife? Here’s Something Special For Her

Anniversaries are rare so is your lady love! Don’t you want to make it special for her? For 10 years you guys have been together, she has been your inspiration for 10 years or more, gift her something special this year, because this is a special anniversary. It’s a decade of your togetherness. Make her day memorable with your presence on the day along with a special gift from nano jewelry. They have a wide range of jewelry choices to pick from. You can give her something in gold, in sterling silver, in precious stones and gems.m, they have it all. Check out this link to anniversary gifts for wife 10 years and pick a design that almost resembles your love for her. Almost because nothing can match your love for her, not even nano jewelry’s beauty!

Designs To Choose From

Nano jewelry has a huge collection of pendants, charms, and necklaces. We will suggest some pieces that are perfect for a 10 year anniversary.

Love you Always

This piece is so well crafted that it seems something from outer space. The inscription “love You always” is written in gold on a precious white stone and the holder is made of 925 sterling silver, zirconia.

I Love You On Onyx

Can you imagine the happiness she will feel when you get her this piece? A splendid piece of onyx with inscribed I love you in 120 languages! Isn’t it a treat? It’s made of our 24k gold.

Allah, In 3 Microns gold plated Swarovski

This falls under the religious and spiritual charms section of Nano jewelry but it will make a great 10-year anniversary gift. It is Allah upon who wishes you two would meet, then why not give something that will help her connect spiritually with the almighty? It is a unique gold plated jewelry.

Hamsa Charm

This is kind of a protective shield generally used by the Jew and followers of Islam. It looks like a hand and is interpreted as the hand of Almighty, who is protecting them from evil’s eye. This will be a perfect gift because it will protect your dear wife and also it will have “I love you” inscribed on it. There is nothing better!

These are few examples of the rare pieces of nano jewelry that can be your 10-year anniversary gift to your darling wife!


Guides To Shop Jewellery For Men And Rings

Buying jewellery for men is a very challenging one. With very few varieties for men, it’s sometimes become difficult to choose jewellery for men. Today you can find men’s jewellery products made from a range of materials such as tungsten carbide, silver, platinum, gold, and titanium. These can be easily adorned with precious stones such as diamonds and coloured gems.

If you can find the right jeweller that can provide you with eye-catching design and high quality of craftsmanship, you will be able to make sure that you make the right purchase. In jewellery, men like to accessorize themselves with sparkling rings with studded diamonds. Since jewellery makes a special gift, there is no other way to express love for jewellery.

Before purchasing a gemstone ring, one should be aware of the 4c’s of diamonds that are carat, colour cut, and clarity. The combination of a diamond cut, clarity, colour, and carat gives a diamond its unique personality, forming the basis for its valuation. You should know about different metals. Platinum and tungsten gold are preferred for rings for men.but common metal types like silver and titanium are also gaining a lot of popularity because of pocket-friendly pricing.

Some Points To Be Considered While Purchasing Jewelry

  • Most men consider jewellery as little more than a fashion accessory. So it is important that the piece you purchase isn’t too handy looking or extravagant. It is very important that the design you are selecting or purchasing is masculine enough. Generally, men prefer wearing jewellery made out of lightweight materials.
  • It is very important that the material you select should be free of maintenance. The polish should be long-lasting, and it in a position to handle the rugged lifestyle of men.
  • Select a design that goes with the attire. Suppose if you are wearing casual, then the jewellery should suit in a casual look, and if you are wearing formal, then the jewellery should suit your informal dressing. Men who genuinely understand jewellery will appreciate good craftsmanship.
  • It is very important that you should research online and also visit stores. You can get a significant range of options and various designs of jewellery, and you can get an overall knowledge of pricing. It helps you in knowing what the market offers and in what price you are getting jewellery online and in stores.
  • Most men tend to prefer silver bracelets wedding bands or rings, which are made out of a bold shape of silver that are most popular among men. You can also consider wearing your jewellery with diamonds or other precious stones. If you are planning to purchase a ring, then make sure it is large, and it can represent your attitude. Generally, men prefer rugged designs over elegance.


Jewellery Mistakes Made by Men

We perceive many guys are not pleasant putting on jewellery. And there is an accurate and inaccurate way to do it. But there are many excuses that we come up as an excuse. It concludes to confidence! Today’s post will talk about a few mistakes that men make when wearing jewellery or tips for buying personalised mens jewellery

Not Wearing Jewellery with Conviction: As a man of style, it’s ok to thrust your borderline a bit. Many guys don’t put on jewellery because they’re not positive in it. That’s ok. All it takes is a small portion of practice, but how? Go visit the jeweller or a department store and try the items on. It’s termed as window shopping. By doing this, you will get accustomed to how you appear in the pieces. If you are in this tub, you need to begin with clean and fresh pieces. If you begin trying on rings and bracelets that are actually decorated, you might get moved and turned off. Keep it simple in the starting and then you can hold a graduate to more detailed items.

Not Paying Attention to your Environment: For the guys, who don’t bother sporting accessories; ensure that they are specifically accurate. The environment is everything and when wearing jewellery it’s significant that you pay attention to the rules or the general agreements.

Over Accessorizing: You have to be aware of how much jewellery is extreme. There is an old saying that “jewellery is that last thing that you wear but the first thing that you notice.” Ensure that you beautifully accessorize with your outfits. Nothing should overwhelm your clothes. Each accessory should accompany the complete look. Another thought is the kind of outfit. You may be able to run away with specific kinds and amounts of jewellery with various looks.

Wear Jewellery in a Deranged Way: Jewellery that is deranged is the cousin to over-accessorizing as it can drag extreme attention to one side/part of your body. One way to elude the stability is actually mixing the metals. Try to be ideal to keep them the same. If you are putting on a two-toned bracelet watch, highlight the ruling metal with your other accessories.

Now a days Tungsten carbide rings Jewellery is an improvement to a man’s outfit. Not putting on accessories is like having a steak without the seasoning. The food can still be better, but the flavour is increased when the right of spices are added to it. It’s similar to accessories. Keep away these mistakes and don’t be fearsome to experiment until you get agreeable with the correct pieces that work for you. Keep in mind; you can never go incorrect with simple yet classy pieces.


How to buy a jewelry gift that is different than the usual?

When we do things, there are special occasions that we wish to do something different. We often want to get a gift for someone dear to us. These could include ourselves, our spouse, someone we are engaged to, our parents, friends, siblings, and others that are dear to us. One of the most common gifts that often come to mind is jewelry. Buying jewelry is great as there are many different types of jewelry. We might, however, want to make it look different from just buying a general common type of jewelry. Here are some ways that you could buy a jewelry gift that is different than the usual.

Buying customizable jewelry

The first way that you could get a piece of jewelry that will be different from normal is to get a piece of customizable jewelry. Customizable jewelry could come in various types. It could be a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace among others. There are two major ways to buy a piece of customizable jewelry. You could get a piece of customizable jewelry from a jewelry store. They would often have pieces of jewelry that were designed in such a way that it would be easy to customize them. Customizing this type of jewelry will help the jewelry to maintain its beauty and features while making it unique for every other of that type of jewelry available. This is because other people that are buying that particular customizable jewelry will be customizing it differently. The second way of getting a piece of customizable jewelry is by using the services of a jewelry maker. He would be able to help you make a piece of jewelry that you can further customize. The particular jewelry maker can help you do all the customizations you want or you could further take it to another jewelry company to help you with the customization.;

Adding names to the jewelry

One of the ways to customize a piece of customizable jewelry and turn it into a jewelry gift that is different than the usual is by writing a name on it. This could preferably be the name of the person you want to give. However, it could also be cool to add both your name and the name of the other person that you want to give especially if the recipient of the gift is your lover, your fiancée or your spouse. This would convert a customizable necklace to my name necklace. You can use the services of Getnamenecklace to add gold names to a piece of jewelry after reading Getnamenecklace reviews and complaints.

Having other types of text engraved on the jewelry

Apart from adding the name of the recipient on jewelry, it is also possible to add to use other types of text, symbols, and shapes to customize the jewelry. This could be a love shape symbol, romantic words or the recipient’s favorite words. This will make the jewelry one that the recipient will appreciate and make it different from other usual pieces of jewelry. It is preferable for the engraving on the jewelry to contain texts that the recipient will appreciate or that will pass across your feelings.



Before the wedding, before the “yes, I want”, before the first dance and before the “happily ever after” there is a moment that changes everything. A moment that for some is sacred and that has to live up to meet their expectations: the proposal, and more specifically, THE RING OF ENGAGEMENT.

And that depends exclusively on them. And it seems an easy task, but it is not. But do not panic, from the team we have developed the definitive guide so that boyfriends from around the world choose the engagement ring of their dreams, the one with which you will ensure a “yes, I want” accompanied by tears, hugs and overwhelming happiness.

  1. The diamond as the absolute protagonist

If the engagement rings are characterized by something, they are the inclusion of stones in their designs. Normally, you usually bet on diamond, a stone that symbolizes everything in this type of statement. Without a doubt, the safest bet and also, the one that the future bride will have in mind. Make sure that the diamond or diamonds present in the engagement ring you choose are of good quality so that the design rubs perfection. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the quality of these: diamond guide.

  1. That reflects your personality

Keep in mind that who is going to wear the engagement ring is going to be her, not you . That is why it is very important to adapt as much as possible to your tastes, in what you know that will excite you.

It is likely that on some occasion he has given you some clue while he has been stunned by looking at rings online (yes, we usually do it!) Or he has made some comment about your friend’s engagement ring, for example if you prefer white gold, yellow gold or rose gold; or if you prefer more for innovative design or for a traditional solitaire. Try to remember it, it is valuable information.

  1. Female help

If there is the unlikely event that you have never given any clue as to what you would like the engagement ring of your dreams to be like, you can turn to the closest female help such as your friends, sisters or your mother’s.

Among women, this topic has been discussed millions of times and they will surely guide you. But do not forget that the engagement ring is for your future wife and although she has a prototype ring of her dreams, you have to risk and surprise her, always within the margin of her personality. Because she may have an engagement ring of her dreams, but she may not have another one because she has never seen it before and that is the improved design with which you have to surprise her and with which she will run out of breath.

  1. Advantages of buying engagement rings online

The budget you have plays a fundamental role in choosing an engagement ring. So we have to adapt to it and choose the option that best suits.

But you have to be smart and try to cut expenses anyway. How? We tell you. The prices of a traditional jewelry store are usually higher than what you will find in an online jewelry store, since in stores there are many more expenses to cover than on a website. So think about it, because you can save a lot of money and with the budget you have you can even opt for a higher quality design.

  1. There is not only the traditional solitaire

Many people associate the traditional engagement ring with a loner. But she doesn’t have to prefer that kind of design. Many engagement rings are now in the form of half alliances or entire alliances full of diamonds.

  1. Customization

If women like something is exclusivity, that detail that does something unique. And in an engagement ring it is essential and you can easily do it with text engraving inside. Think of something special for both of you, on that date that changed everything or on a phrase that only makes sense to both. The perfect option to add emotional value to which it will surely be an improved version of the ring of your dreams.

Now you can stop asking yourself that question that has been tormenting you for months: “How to choose an engagement ring? Now you have the answer. With these tips you are more than ready to choose the best engagement ring for the love of your life.

We know that for many men it is a difficult step to take and that it even makes you sleepless. But don’t get overwhelmed, it’s completely normal and, what’s more, it’s a good sign. Nerves always go in relation to how important it is for you to get it right and choose the best engagement ring. The one that will make you cry with emotion and remember that moment forever. The most important thing is that you trust yourself, your criteria and shared love. This will help you know, as soon as you see it, what is the best engagement ring for her, the one that bears her name.


Spinel Gem Verification Is Easy with the Right Gem Store

When you have spinel gemstones in your possession, it is natural to want these stones certified and verified so that you can determine their worth. Verification also allows you to charge the right price if you should decide to sell the gems at some point and there are numerous stores in Thailand that will help you with this verification process. People normally think of a ruby as a spinel gemstone but in fact, a true ruby is not a spinel at all. Spinel gems are normally various shades of red and pink but they can be shades of purple and other colors as well. Throughout Thailand, various stores can help you with reports that show the origin of your gemstone, verify its authenticity, and describe in detail all of its physical characteristics. These reports go a long way in making sure that you get true stones that you are proud to own.

Various Reports for Your Spinel Gems

Spinel gemstones can easily be verified once you find a store that specializes in this task. They provide a variety of reports for you to carry around with you and the reports vary according to the information inside of them and the type of binding they have. They can be simple or quite ornate and they range from a basic card to a leather-bound report that is very fancy and detailed. Professional spinel gem verification in Thailand is easy to get once you find a store that hires experts at this and they can accommodate all types of spinel gemstones of various sizes and weights. If you have these gemstones, it is always good to get some sort of verification regarding the overall quality of the stones. Whether you want a one-page card or a full-length report consisting of several pages, the stores that identify and verify your stone can accommodate you every time.

Detailed Reports Are Beneficial for Many Reasons

The right reports for gem verification include details such as the gem’s background, religious and mythical associations, and dozens of unique details that you likely didn’t know at that point. No two reports are ever the same because no two stones are the same. The reports also include technical information that includes chemical fingerprinting, inclusions found within the gemstone, and every minute detail of the stone so that you can become very familiar with the gem that you have in your possession. Many of these companies also have great websites that include detailed information about their services and full-color photographs of the types of reports that they provide. If you’re interested in one of these reports, Thai stores are here to help and their websites provide detailed contact information in case you have any questions about your particular gemstone. Best of all, it usually doesn’t take long for you to receive the verification report you’re looking for because you can usually count on getting something back from them in a week or less. The reports are also reasonably priced so you won’t have to spend a fortune just to get them.