5 Things to Know About Sunglasses That You Surely Did Not Know


We all love a good pair of sunglasses. Without them, we can’t function during sunny days. It’s hard seeing without them. Buying a pair is easy, and almost everyone owns a pair.

What people don’t know are how these things were invented, what their history is, and where they are going. We all take sunglasses for granted. In this article, we’re sharing 5 facts that you probably don’t know of. See what they are if you’re interested in this subject.

1. They were invented around 2 millenniums ago

Did you know that the first sunglasses were invented before society has? Indigenous people living in the northern parts of the planet covered with snow invented a bone-made item that will block most of the sun going in their eyes, living just a small opening to see through.

2. Styles go in circles

Every year we see new trends, but we don’t notice is that this is basically the same style from a couple of years ago. There are only so many types of them and we keep rolling them in circles. Check out the Versace Sunglasses page to see what’s trending right now.

3. UV rays protection was invented in 1936

Although it seems like modern technology, the UV protection foil was invented back in 1936. That is the first time sunglasses actually got their looks we know of today. Before this, the glasses only had protection from the sun rays getting through the glass but did not provide UV protection.

4. On average, every 14 minutes someone losses their glasses

The statistics show that every 14 minutes someone loses or breaks their sunglasses. This seems like a huge number, but considering the fact how many people are there in the world wearing them, it’s not surprising at all. However, if you’re spending big bucks on these items, make sure you protect them properly.

5. The most expensive pair is valued at $400,000

When we’re mentioning the big bucks, how about the most expensive pair on the planet. The most expensive ones are worth $400,000 and are made of 60 grams of high-quality gold. But that’s not nearly all.

They also have 51 diamonds rolled around the frame making them the most luxurious pair of sunglasses ever made. The company that created them is Chopard, which is known for these kinds of luxury products.

Imagine wearing almost half a million pairs on your eyes. That’s how rich see the world – literally. See more about the most expensive pair in the world here.

Wrapping up

Aren’t these five facts amusing? You might have known some of them, but chances are you didn’t. You wear a pair on your head every day but didn’t really know about these things. The history of the sunglasses is amazing.

Now, before getting a new pair, you should better remember these things and appreciate your choice. Most important of all, make sure you don’t fall into that 14-minute statistic.