An outfit for your Red Carpet fantasies


Kerry Parkers Parisienne Lacey bodice is a highly covetable corset dress that is beautiful and multifunctional. It is embellished artistically with delicate white lace panels on soft grey cotton lycra to give the dress a dreamy modern day look.


The lace embroidered dress duly inspired by the medieval day corsets give us a structured yet extremely comfortable look based on the same. Set in neutral grey tone and designed at the structural points with white piping and elegant lace paneling, this dress becomes every girl’s dream for a curvy flowy dress that accentuates their body.

A further description of this bodice would reveal that it is an ankle length slip corset dress that has a zip fastening on the side and that it comes with padded cups giving it extra dimension of comfort of the user.


Despite all the above said reasons, this dress held an avid fascination for me because of the plethora of ways it could be styled for various occasions whether it be a formal, semi- formal, informal or for a casual day event. This embroidered dress can definitely be styled to bring about a chic, sleek, elegant look based on the need of the hour making this dress a versatile wardrobe essential.


The vitality and versatility of the corset dress lies in the use of all neutral colors in its making ensuring that when paired with any colors whether it be neutral or contrasting, the dress can be a force of nature.

Since the dress is already adequately decorated to give a graceful and sexy look, more often than not a few simple accessories can go a long way to making sure that your attire stands out.

The dress can be paired with pair of white stone statement earrings, a white clutch and white strappy sandals to transform the embroidered dress into a perfect formal beach party attire.


The corset dress can be given a totally sharp, formal elegant look by coordinating it with some black stud earrings and matching bracelet, a black lace choker, black pumps and a sleek black clutch. Yet another glamorous diva like approach that can be taken with this embroidered dress is to assemble it with some gorgeous gold jewelry like earrings, rings and anklets along with a glittery golden box clutch and some block heels.

A completely surprising look that can be taken on with this deceptively formal dress is to pair it with a denim over coat, a funky headband and a colorful pair of strappy sandals or converse to give it totally fun colorful bohemian vibe. It can also be paired with solid bright colors like red, blue, orange, pink etc to give it a powerful, bright, chic statement look.


The dress can also be kept minimal by pairing it with accessories of the same color, like bangles, bags, earrings, shoes etc giving it a look of understated elegance.


The dress is truly a marvel as it can be combined with any color, pattern, design, or material and still finish off giving a ravishing look to wearer, which makes this dress as an absolute must have in your wardrobe.

Grab yours today women!!