Are You Seeking the Fountain of Youth in Skin Care

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As we grow older, we inevitably develop wrinkles and blemishes. For anyone who wants their skin to remain young and supple, the very idea of developing facial wrinkles and sagging skin drives them to look for skin care products that will end up being the magical pill for which they have been searching.

What Happens to Our Skin as We Age?

When we are young and full of energy, our skin is the last thing on our minds. This is when our skin is in its most flexible and supple state. In this flush of youth, our skin has an elastic quality that decreases as we age. Once our skin starts to lose its elasticity and its suppleness, it tends to sag.

The other problem is that skin dries out as we age, and this, combined with the fact that it loses its elasticity and suppleness, means that skin can become misshapen and difficult to maintain. Regular skin creams and moisturisers only tend to penetrate to the upper layers of the dermis and will not enter the lower layers where they can do the most good. The great news is that a good quality face serum can help to defy aging in the following ways:

  • Elasticity: As we get older, the elastin in our skin decreases. This means that it takes longer for our skin to return to a normal resting state, and it also means that our skin will sag over time and develop wrinkles. A good quality face serum will penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the skin and nourish it, causing the skin to become fuller and more supple.
  • Fat cells: As our skin sags with age, it will also tend to show the fat deposits deep inside our skin layers more clearly. For some people, this can cause ugly bumps and ripples to appear. A high quality face serum will penetrate down to the deepest layers of skin and promote the draining of fat cells. As this happens, the skin begins to look smoother, more consistent, and takes on a more youthful appearance.
  • Fluid: A good quality face serum will also help the skin to retain more fluid. It will look fuller and appear visually more pleasing in this case due to the fact that it does not look dry. As the skin fills, many of the smaller wrinkles will begin to disappear, and so the skin will take on a younger and more vital appearance.

Turning Back the Clock

In so many ways, our culture is obsessed with the cult of youth and looking younger. Of course, this is a natural thing to feel, but as of yet, science has not discovered how to travel back in time to when we had younger-looking skin and less mileage on the clock!

We may not be able to turn back the clock completely when it comes to our age, but it is possible to obtain younger-looking skin by regularly applying a good quality face serum. Along with following a good diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables and establishing a steady regimen of drinking plenty of water every day, these activities will help the skin look younger and feel fresher.