Choose the Best Bridal Lingerie for Your D-Day


It is inevitable that you have done everything that needs to be done for your wedding preparations. They continue until the wedding ends and sometimes even after that! So it is important that every to be bride takes the time out to plan her lingerie wear and the hot dresses for honeymoon that she has to invest in. The lingerie for the wedding is essentially divided into two parts. The first one is what you wear for the event under your most beautiful dress and the second is the lingerie that you choose to wear during the first night when you are finally getting a chance to get close to your man.

The day wear lingerie will definitely be more functional and providing support to the heavy clothes that you have to carry but the nightwear for honeymoon should be comfortable and sexy. It has to be edgy of course since you want your man to not be able to take his eyes off you. Honeymoon special nighty helps reveal your most prized assets. It shows your skin also and protects your private parts so that some things can be left to imagination and the mystery of uncovering remains. Here are some tips to choose the perfect lingerie for your wedding:

Size – it matters so much! For the ceremony if you get something too tight or skimpy then you are bound to show that in the wedding pictures. A lace material which is tight can leave your breasts chaffed. Prevent sagging by getting a bra that supports your bosom but avoid underwire if you can since you don’t want a stabbed feeling on your sides. If you are heavy set then getting a full support bra is best. Garter belts are a good choice for you to start feeling the sexiness from the wedding ceremony itself.

Silhouette – A seamless bra and panty match could be your answer to the wedding ceremony lingerie whereas ahoneymoonspecial nighty will work wonders for the night. The nighty can have strong lines and show off your curves appropriately. Ribbons, lace, satin and silk are just a few types of fabrics available for the perfect lingerie.

Naughty or nice – You can choose what you want to be for your wedding night. Naughty would mean that you show more skin and tease him and nice would be a honeymoon special nighty with lace borders covering your private areas. This is a tease too but will allow for some modesty on your part. You husband is guaranteed to enjoy the ride regardless of which side you swing.

Colour options – most women fret about this a lot, it is actually a simple choice to make. At the ceremony you are looking for support and comfort. The lingerie should be seamless so nude shades are best. Bra and panty sets are most popular for the obvious reasons that they will provide the coverage without the stress of having a peeping bra. For the wedding night of course, the world is your oyster!

Buy the best bridal lingerie for your wedding day and night because you deserve nothing short of it.