Clean Reusable Bags Regularly to Avoid Any Virus and Bacteria

printed bags

Many people have minimized plastic bags by using reusable bags in their daily life. Reusable bags have their own benefits because they not only help in carrying loads of groceries and vegetables, but some custom bags are used by office goers, kids for school, carrying picnic stuff, etc. Therefore, reusable bags are beneficial due to their strength and quality.

While shopping, you should protect your bags, by cleaning them regularly. Whenever you buy items like raw meat, liquid food, wet vegetables, or fruits, just put them in the washing machine and let the machine do the rest. Alternatively, you can designate bags for different items like dry grocery, frozen foods, dairy, cleaning supplies, etc. Nowadays, reusable bags are available in all departmental stores and online, so you’ll never be short of them.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that has been dealing in reusable printed bags since 2009. They also focus on making recycled water bottles, lanyards, seed papers, jotters, straws, USB, face masks, wipes, gloves, PPE kits, etc. Their main motive is to remove plastic from this earth completely. Their reusable bags are customized and fashion-centric so that they aren’t only used for grocery shopping.

In a survey, it was noted, that most people use one reusable bag for various purposes, like carrying groceries, vegetables, raw meat, laundry, etc. but never take the pain of cleaning it. It is said that unhygienic reusable bags can contain coliform bacteria that also include E. coli. By carrying different products in contaminated bags, you’re cross-contaminating every item.

Cleaning bags is quite simple, even if you don’t want to wash them in a washing machine with other clothes –

Cotton Reusable Bags

  • Toss the bag in the washing machine, which is the bat way of cleaning cotton bags, if they don’t have any prints that may shed color. Pour hot water and detergent and dry it properly.
  • Place it under the sun or area where there is proper ventilation. The bag should dry properly to avoid any mildew.

Fabric and Canvas Reusable Bags

  • There may be instruction given on these bags, if there is none, then you may toss the bag in a washing machine or dip it in a bucket filled with hot water and regular detergent.
  • Dry bags properly and don’t use them before it is completely dried. Wet bags can increase the chances of mildew and mold.
  • Hand wash mesh or crocheted bags to avoid any damage to them.

Nylon Reusable Bags

  • Nylon bags are delicate, and therefore they should be hand washed in and out.
  • Still, if you feel too lazy to wash it with your hands, then toss them in the washing machine and use the gentlest mode to clean them.
  • Don’t use the bags unless they’re dried properly.

Polypropylene Reusable Bags

  • These are hand washed as they can tear in the washing machine. Gently clean with hands in mild warm soapy water.
  • Dry them properly or wipe them with a dry towel.
  • Another alternative is to use disinfecting wipes and let them dry under the sun. Remove all crumbs and residues inside the bags by turning them upside down.

If you have read it thoroughly, you must have noticed that all bags are washed in hot or lukewarm water. This is because hot water kills E. coli and other bacteria left on fabric. Using reusable bags is a perfect way of saving the earth and reducing plastic in oceans and land. Thus, use more reusable bags and keep your city clean.