Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Professional Makeup Lesson


Makeup can be a minefield. What we use to enhance or conceal has become a confusing and convoluted array of intimidating products and curious-sounding trends, promoted by impossibly glamorous social media influencers. The makeup industry has trained its focus on seasonal trends; on choosing a makeup tribe and sticking to it religiously – do you prefer a full-on face of glam, or the natural look? It can be rather exhausting!

It doesn’t have to be, though. Booking a makeup lesson may seem like a surprising reaction to the overwhelming state of modern-day makeup, but there are many reasons why it could be the smartest thing you can do for both your face and makeup bag. Here are five of those reasons why a make up lesson could be right for you:

It’s tailored to your own face

The most obvious benefit of professional makeup lessons is the best possible reason to book them. Tailoring your makeup look to your own face, eschewing trends (or maybe even incorporating them, if that’s what you want) is truly priceless – creating a bespoke look that enhances your own unique features means you’ll always be able to look your best, no matter what.

You’ll learn professional skills

With a professional makeup class, you’ll have the opportunity to grill a professional makeup artist and glean all the skills and secrets. Even as makeup trends change, you’ll be able to employ these techniques to ensure your makeup is always well applied.

It will work for you, not against you

A good makeup artist will always work with you in the make-up lesson. They’ll ask you plenty of questions, and will listen to your answers. It’s not just about what kind of look you want to achieve, but about your life; how much time you take to get ready in the morning; what your concerns are and what you like best about yourself. As Lina Cameron, Makeup Artist and Natural Beauty Coach who offers makeup lessons in London says, “you will trust your own wisdom”.

It can be a bonding experience

Many makeup artists and makeup schools offer group makeup lessons, which can be a fun bonding experience for friends, siblings or mother and daughter groups. You could even consider booking makeup classes in a city to celebrate a friend’s hen do, or as practice for the bride’s big day!

You won’t get the hard sell

Some women may be tempted to head to a department store beauty counter instead for a makeup class, believing that this may offer a more affordable experience. You should proceed with caution however, as beauty counter employees are unlikely to be trained in much besides selling their own products, and they will certainly pressure you into buying as much as possible. A make-up lesson with a skilled makeup artist, in comparison, will work with what you already have in your makeup bag, and will recommend products from an array of brands in your price bracket, with no obligation to buy – guaranteed to be a much more relaxed experience all round.