How the coronavirus is affecting tourism around the globe


It is more than 6 months now that the world is going through a pandemic situation. The coronavirus pandemic started from a Chinese province Wuhan and soon it started spreading all over the globe. The number is being multiplied daily and the situation is still out of control. Here are a few things you need to know about it:

  • This new virus originated from china at the end of 2019. But it reached every corner of the world in no time. The world health organization WHO has declared it as a pandemic.
  • Our world has gone through similar pandemics in the past. Influenza, plague and malaria are some of its examples. In 1918 pandemic, influenza, around one-third of the whole world’s population got infected and around 50 million people died by it.
  • The current pandemic has affected the health for more than 12 million people around the globe and has claimed more than 500 thousand lives. But the situation is still out of hands. Many countries have still a very large number of active cases and so the number of expected cases is also high.
  • The current pandemic situation has presented many challenges in all walks of life. It’s not just the health of the people but education, business, tourism, social lives, etc. are all affected by the current circumstances. World’s economy is facing the biggest deficits due to COVID-19.
  • The most alarming part of the situation is that we still don’t have any solution for it to expect precautions and preventions. No vaccination is said to be developed or discovered that can prevent this virus. This makes the future of the pandemic and the world more ambiguous.

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How is the coronavirus affecting everything on this planet?

The only way to be safe in this pandemic situation is precaution and prevention. The coronavirus is very contagious and can spread and transfer to other people from the infected ones quiet easily. This is why social distancing is being encouraged all around the globe. In this context, most of the workplaces, malls, shopping centres, educational institutions, public places, recreational sites, etc. are closed around the world. This is done to prevent people from gathering in one place and to prevent the further spreading of the virus.

But all these preventions also have a price. The limitation of all these activities is harming the economy of the world. Most of the industries in the world are facing losses and deficits. Petroleum, aviation, transportation, food businesses, hospitality, education, etc. are some of many industrial sectors that are facing major problems. Like every other sector, tourism is also on its lowest around the planet. In the next, section we will discuss how the current pandemic is affecting tourism.

How the coronavirus is affecting tourism?

Like every other industrial sector, tourism is also being affected by the pandemic circumstance. It won’t be wrong to say that tourism is among those sectors which are facing the worst because of the coronavirus. Below given are a few points that show how tourism is most affected by the coronavirus.

Closure of public places

Most of the public places around the globe are closed to avoid gathering and as a prevention from the coronavirus outbreak. This includes malls, shopping centres, parks, stadiums, auditoriums, recreational sites, tourist sites, landmarks etc. this is effecting tourism in many ways as these places are closed for the general public.

Border restrictions

Many countries around the world have closed their borders for foreigners to make sure that no infected person enters the country. Moreover, in most of the cases, one has to go through a mandatory 15 days quarantine when entering a country. that has made travelling internationally very difficult.

Limited means of transportation

Due to the current pandemic situation and restrictions on international and local state borders. The means of transportation are getting limited for both international and domestic travelling. The flight operations are limited. Usually, special flights are operating for taking people who are stuck in foreign back to their homelands. Also, the intercity bus and train services are working at their minimum.

These were some factors that showed how the tourism sector is suffering the most by the pandemic. We hope that the world soon gets out of this situation and the daily matters of life come back to normal

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