How to develop a sense of style from scratch – ground rules!


Everyone at least once in their lifetime thought about how to find their own and unique style. Some stylists advice to look at celebrities images to define what you like. Others recommend buying a stylish clothes and shoes in a trendy boutique. And someone will say that it’s enough just to be yourself – this what is a real style and women’s fashion is. Only the last statement, according to the stylists, is partially right. The only nuance – is that you need to listen and look at yourself, to understand what kind of style do you like.

What are the types of fashion styles, which one is you?

The style is a way of self-expression. The style should be organically combined with the environment, age, character, personality status and the person’s statement. The twenty-first century brought us a wide variety of styles. Depending on the situation, ladies can create a professional, romantic, mysterious or carefree image. There are five main styles of clothing where every famous designer brand has a share: Classical, Urban, Business, Sports, Romantic.

How to create your style in clothes?

Stylists are unanimous in their voices – do not be afraid to be yourself. Discard all the prejudices, contemporary standards and complexes. Think about what you would like to see in yourself, what you want to change in yourself, what to emphasize and to hide. Do not forget about your hobbies – they also can influence the creation of your unique style in clothes.

If you are thinking about how to find your style in clothes, you need first of all to pay attention to the features of your appearance. The primary goal is to reveal its beauty and uniqueness. Stylists suggest to consider several factors:

Body shape. There are several types of female figures. With the help of clothes, you can successfully highlight the advantages and hide the flaws in of your body shape. It’s all about the details. For example, lush skirts help to cover up the big hips, and a blouse with a hood will hide some extra pounds on your belly.

The situation. Style should be applied depending on the circumstances. However, even if you are an office worker, it does not mean that you do not have the freedom to experiment. In your everyday image, you can combine different styles – for example, dilute the classics with romance.

Internal statement. With style, you express your personality. Therefore, your inner self must be displayed in clothing at least with beautiful details and accessories.

Colour. To feel comfortable wearing clothing you need to pay attention to color. Attention to the color is more important than it seems at first glance. Color will help to reveal your beauty and personality.