How To Make Your Own Tasteful Nail Art Designs


When it comes to nail art designs, the possibilities are limitless. With a wide imagination and a steady hand for painting, you can design almost any nail art you can think of. In order to paint nail art, you must need a very fine brush to apply even the small details in acrylic paint. It is very important to prepare the nails with a manicure to remove any cuticles and to clean the nail of any existing polish.

1. You must paint the nails in a glistening white polish and allow it to dry. Once dry, you must apply four small beads of neon acrylic paints at the end of the nail.

2. Swirl the beads of pain together with the end of your brush before the paint has a chance to dry. You have to swirl just enough to get a tye-dye effect at the base of the nail. Allow this t dry before moving to the next step.

3. Then, dip the paint brush into white acrylic paint and draw a small peace symbol in the bottom corner of the 3D nail art.

4. Apply your top coat and wait for the design to dry completely.

Lines & Dots

5. You must apply glitzy pink acrylic paint to the tip of the nail, creating a French tip

6. Then, wait for this to dry and then use a fine paint brush to create a white smile line along the top of the French tip. When this dries, do the same with a green paint, just above the white line.

7. You must apply black dots in the shape of seeds using a dotter tool. Then, apply them in curved line, just above the smile line.

8. Apply your top coat and wait for the design to dry thoroughly.

Black with Pink Hearts

9. You must polish the whole nail using a pale shimmery polish in a silver color. Once the base coat dries, you have to use the black nail polish to create a French tip at the end of the nail.

10. The, paint in a hot pink smile line along the upper edge of the French tip to divide it from the twinkling polish on top.

11. Then, you have to dip your dotter tool in the hot pink acrylic paint and add hot pink hearts on top of the black tip. You must add enough hearts so that the whole tip is covered in scattered hearts.

12. Lastly, apply the top coat and let the nail to dry completely.