How To Survive The Winter in Style


Fashion trends throughout the year will always be a big deal, especially for men and women who live off the latest bags, shoes, coats, trousers and well, pretty much anything else that you can wear. As we introduce each season, we have to say goodbye to it at some point and prepare ourselves for the winter – which is when we’re forced to brave the cold and get shopping for winter clothes. Many will agree that the only good thing to come out of winter is the power outfits we get to wear and show off!

In this article we’ll be showcasing some of the most talked about trends to help you survive the winter in style and fabulous-ness and yes, that is a word. From the most wacky, touchy, shiny and feely items to the more classic and elegant pieces suited towards both men and women.


Plaid is in competition with animal prints this season, and plaid comes in almost any form of checked fabric. Plaid is ideal for any type of outfit, whether you’re going for a smart and formal look at work or meeting up with friends for a catch up and a wine (or five). If you want to boss the plaid trend, here’s some helpful tips on what to go for and how to wear it.


Metallics, bringing in the shine and creativity us women always need and appreciate. Metallics have been a trend this past year, tackling coats and mostly boots. The only potential is issue to be aware of is to NOT go overboard, or else you could end up looking like a giant disco ball, and no one wants that. Silver metallic is the one to watch, with skirts, coats and boots, whereas gold metallic tends to add a gentle touch to existing clothes, so it’s more like an accessory.


There are hats for every season, but as the saying goes, it’s always out with the old and in with the new. The simple style of knit beanies will always remain a favourite, no matter what design is embroidered or created on it. They are a cold weather classic and very functional for the cold we face. Dolce and Gabbana had a few fun versions that got sent down the runway, including a knit textured bear beanie with ears, eyes and a nose. That’s one way to make an accessory fun!


You can pile on the layers, be warm and still look good. Many think it’s one or the other, but there’s no way you should sacrifice warmth just to look good – you can do both! (It’s called multitasking). Here’s what you should do, hunt for the perfect and cosiest cashmere or wool swear, a blazer or leather jacket and then a coat of your dreams, whether you want to go for a puffer coat or a longline coat for example. Side note – floral puffer coats are actually a thing, and it’s one to ease your pain that summer is over. You can be cosy and still support a summery look simultaneously. Here’s a guide to layering, we’ve got you covered!

Ankle Boots

First thing is first, if you want to ruin a pair of perfectly designed boots, suede boots are it for the winter which means these are a no go. Leather ankle boots have become incredibly popular with men and women across the world and with many designs to choose from, we’re not surprised.


Backpacks play quite a big role in our every day lives. We’ve got work bags, casual bags, leisure bags, travel bags and lots more! This winter, it’s time to bring out the big guns when it comes to backpacks and keeping your items safe and protected from rain and snow. Here are the best backpacks that support a modern and sleek design whilst also keeping your belongings safe from unexpected weather! And for all of those who are disorganised, there are many packing tips that can help you out, they’re such game changers!

Think you can pull a few outfits together which incorporates all the trends we’ve mentioned in this article? We’d love to see and hear your own trends.