Incorporating Spring colours in your home decor


If you’re looking for a home refresh, you’ve come to the right place. Colour is making a big comeback in our homes, so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, reach for the paintbrush and start decorating.

Incorporating spring colours into your home is great for a new look. Let the flowers blossom and foliage appear for true spring time inspirations. Brighten up your home with pastel tones, floral prints and botanical patterns. Here are some different ways to bring spring colours into your home.

It’s all about the scent

Gone are the days of spiced cinnamon – t’s time to welcome the scent of spring. Linen candles and floral scents are exactly what you need. Remember, candles aren’t just for those darker months, so buy yourself some pretty holders such as tea light set.

Plant some greenery

Plenty of greenery and natural foliage is a great yet, simple way to incorporate spring colours into your home. Natural elements are perfect for bringing in the start of the new season. Look out for botanical motifs that boast different shades of green, with wallpaper and cushions that reflect those countryside colours.

Adopt that neutral approach

Get that elegant look with neutral colours. Display this on your sofa and a tall display cabinet in soft chalky tones against paisley wallpaper – layer it up with those green early tones we spoke about above and finish your living room off with fresh flowers.


Create that romantic look with beautiful flowing florals patterns – tulips are always a good idea for spring decor. Powdery pink pastels in partnership with creams, blues and lilacs are the perfect colours for a bedroom to create that calming feel. Add some aqua coloured accessories to pull everything together for the perfect contrast.

Lighten up your bedding

There’s nothing like cosying up in flannel sheets and a heavy duvet in the winter, but as the sun starts to rise you no longer need those heavy linens. Swap your sheets for much lighter and cooler sets in fresh minty green, dusty pink or other complementary colours.

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Change your accessories

Take a seasonal approach and update your accessories so that they suit the time of year. Nature inspired prints such as daffodils or pastel colours are easy ways to inject spring into your kitchen. Having white walls is the ideal backdrop because it looks really fresh against these spring colours.

Bring spring to the bathroom

To bring spring into the bathroom you need classic country style stripes with shades of pastel pebble, pink and blue – add fluffy towels and tote bags made from cotton. Vintage accessories will also add to this spring cottage appeal.

Hopefully now your home looks like a fresh spring haven that you can enjoy and get a real feel for the new season that is upon us.