Jurassic World-Inspired Inflatable T-Rex Costume From Santori


Do you still remember the huge creatures in the film “Jurassic World?” They are so popular that anything associated with them has inspired manufacturers to craft costumes like them. Santori did not waste any time and just go along with the trend and develop its inflatable T-Rex costume.

Brief Description

Santori’s inflatable T Rex costume is one-size fits most people using it no matter the size. The costume comes with an inflatable dinosaur costume, gloves, fan with a battery pack, and shoe covers. It is considered as the official, licensed costume of Jurassic World. It also has an inbuilt fan that requires four pieces of AA batteries, which is excluded from purchase of the item.


A lot of costume lovers and collectors prefer inflatable T Rex costume primarily because of its features that include the following:

  • Taller height feels. You will assume to be someone tall standing in 7.3 feet/220 cm. Just imagine how tall you are that gives you an impression of a monster.
  • Fits all body size. Never feel like you are being deprived because the costume comes in a wide fit to suit different body sizes.
  • Prevents sweat. The costume’s inbuilt fan provides air for its inflation. It circulates the air, preventing temperature to get higher than usual.
  • Durable, high-quality materials. Its material is 100% polyester allowing it for hand wash.
  • Considerably best event costume. It has been regarded as the best among the other costumes worn in any occasion or event.

Costume Merits and Demerits

Inflatable T-Rex costume acclaims to be the best costume but this does not mean that it does not have any downside. Consider the factors below:


  • The costume allows you to stay away from getting much sweat.
  • It necessitates opportunities for more improvement.
  • It can fit any body size without being torn.
  • Its material has a good quality and durability.
  • It is often regarded as cool, making it very attractive to users.
  • No matter your age, wearing it will just be appropriate.
  • Wearing it promises fun, especially to children.
  • Birthdays, children’s party, or whatever event in your daily life will be more vibrant when you have this costume on.


  • The price tag of this costume seems too high.
  • There are still improvements that should be made for its efficiency.
  • Some of those who have worn it feel uneasy in making some movements because it is big enough for their size.

Get ready as the king of all dinosaurs is well-prepared to go party with you at any event or occasion. It would be a great idea if you will try this inflatable T-Rex costume to make the most of your party all day- or all-night-long. Just imagine being at the party and enjoying every single moment of your time with friends and loved ones. How’s that idea then?