The Hidden World Of Argyle Pink Diamond Creation

The Hidden World Of Argyle Pink Diamond Creation

Since its discovery, speculations and mysteries related to the creation of pink diamonds have become the norm. Now, the fancy diamond is not something that is new for the people to see. There are many shades of the diamond but the shade of pink is a bit rare to see. That is why it is also one of the most profitable investments as well.

Actually, many of you also speculate how do these diamonds with pink shades get its color? Well, the origin of the other shades of the diamonds is more or so discovered by the scientists. However, scientists still don’t have any clue about the creation of pink diamonds.

However, there are some speculations regarding the creation of pink diamonds. It is high time to explore them and figure out the concreteness of the basis of those speculations because that is could be where the actual reason for the birth of pink diamonds lies. Therefore, in this article, let’s delve deep into this matter of the creation of Argyle pink diamond.

Where pink diamonds are found?

Diamonds are formed in the mantle which is a deep surface towards the core of the earth. Another interesting fact is that diamonds were present long before life was formed in the earth’s surface. Also, only a limited amount of diamond is available for humans to cultivate because the diamonds that are found in the mines are limited. They only get found because of the volcanic eruptions where the diamonds are brought through kimberlite pipe to the surface because of it. Now, normal diamonds can be found in many mines throughout the earth. However, pink diamonds are not so prominent as far as production is concerned. There are very few mines around the world which have the ability to produce pink diamonds and the most notable of them is definitely Argyle mine in Australia.

How pink diamonds are formed?

Well, this has been a bone of contention between various scientists over the years because none of them are actually able to produce a concrete theory of the creation of pink diamonds. However, you should know that there is long-standing speculation that the pink diamonds actually did not form as pink diamonds and they were formed as normal transparent or colorless diamonds. Many scientists believe that the reason why some diamonds gain pinkish color is the stress that the diamonds have to bear in the mantle of the earth. However, until now, none of the scientists is able to provide concrete analytic results of their research on the origin of the pink diamonds.

The speculations about the creation of pink diamonds will go until any concrete evidence is found about it. However, even though the evidence is not there as far as origin is concerned, the popularity of the pink diamonds as an effective investment option is growing ever so rapidly. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a great investment option then pink diamonds could be the best which can give you a great ROI.