The Worst Flowers to Shower Your Woman With


When you think of gifts, a bouquet of fresh, vibrant and fragrant flowers are taken for one of the safest choices to make. And given that the florists have just too many options to offer its clients, picking flowers for an arrangement does not seem to be hard at all. But did you know that there are some blooms that you should just never, ever give? Here’s helping you with what not to pick and why.

Flowers with Hidden Meanings

Aconite or Monkshood is a delicate variety for sure. But these flowers actually signify hatred and cautiousness against someone or something. Even the pretty-looking buttercups stand for childishness, thus making it rarely visible in the floral bouquets. Regardless of how sweet you feel they are, avoid adding butterfly weed to the flower arrangement that you order to express your love. They mean ‘leave me’. While certain carnations make for fantastic gifts, make certain that you give yellow carnations a miss because they represent disdain and rejection. White carnations, on the other hand, symbolize sweetness and love. Again, cyclamens are pretty indeed. But they signify separation. So send these flowers only if you indeed to break up or have just broken up with someone. Talking about the lilies, they are beautiful regardless of colors. But cats do not like them. So if your girl is a feline lover, avoid them. In fact, orange lilies represent disdain, hatred and pride. Even the striking petunias symbolize anger and resentment. So if you do not want to get into soup by conveying the wrong message with flowers, you would rather not choose them.

Different Flowers; Different Usages

There are some flowers which are ‘safe’ otherwise, but not fitting enough for any given occasion. Carnations are classic choice for sure. However, thanks to its ‘over-use’, they have reduced to being a favorite among prom corsages and children only. Of course, they are inexpensive, and that they are long lasting and come in a variety of shapes and colors. That being said, they are good if you are just having fun with someone, or wish to convey the message to just ‘be friends’. The truth us, they are a practical choice and seldom convey any emotion. Calla lilies and Hydrangeas are pretty, as well. But they are more common in the bridal bouquets. So if you want your flower delivery in Miami Company to arrange something with wedding vibes, then only consider them. Gardenias are good. But they have a very strong smell, which makes them not-so-favorite among a number of girls. Regular daisies anyone? Kids and teens would love them, but a grown-up woman might have been tired of getting them by this time. The orchids in a pot are pretty to look at. However, they might have become too clichéd for your girl’s tastes. Consider them only you are confirmed of her love for orchids. Same goes for the tropical plants. You might be tempted to choose from the crazy varieties of tropical bouquets that the online florists are offering for such an attractive price. But not everybody loves them. Consider these beauties only after you have been with this girl for a while and know her tastes.