25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him And Her


Life is full of ups and downs. One day you could be celebrating your promotion and the next day trying to pay off your home loans. But what makes these ups and downs worthwhile is the fact that you have a life partner by your side who will always love and support you no matter what you do.

Which is why it’s important to celebrate the milestones in a marriage. In particular, a 25th wedding anniversary spells the pinnacle of your marriage and shouldn’t be celebrated trivially.

If you’re fretting about wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

  • Saregama caravan

The Carvaan is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-operate music player that is fitted with Bluetooth, a slot for a USB pen drive and an opening for an aux cable. But that isn’t the only thing this handy player is known for. The sleek, retro-styled Saregama Carvaan comes pre-loaded with 5,000 evergreen songs in four different product variants – Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi Carvaan. Music lovers are sure to love this useful present.

  • Then & now anniversary photos

Surely you must have old photos of you and your wife in your college years or on your first wedding anniversary tucked in a drawer somewhere. Well, it’s time to bring out those old and dusty photo albums and put them to good use. You can blow up old photos and use you and your wife’s latest photos to create a nice then and now anniversary collage. Frame the collage and watch you and your wife wistfully reminiscence about your youthful days.

  • Vouchers for a free couple’s massage

If you’re looking for a gift for husband, here’s one you both can enjoy: A couple’s massage at a nearby resort or spa. Give him the liberty to choose a massage he’d like and sit back and relax. A nice massage is sure to soothe those tired muscles, pamper your senses and wash away your worry lines for at least an hour to two.

  • Dinner for two at a romantic restaurant

This is presumably one of the best gifts for women because nothing spells romance like a candlelit dinner in a quiet restaurant. As old-fashioned as it sounds, a dinner for two is the perfect way to catch up on the romance front and express your love away from the responsibilities of work and home. Revel a delicious three-course meal for two on a table facing a lake or a wonderful scenery.

  • Weekend getaway for two

What can be more romantic than a candlelit restaurant for a 25-year wedding anniversary? A weekend getaway! Book a resort near a bird sanctuary where both you and your wife can enjoy bird-watching and breathe in the sounds of nature. It’s always refreshing and rejuvenating to connect with nature every once in a while.

So now that you have some ideas for out-of-the-box wedding anniversary gifts, it’s time to put them to good use and celebrate love, companionship and unconditional support.