3 Short Prom Dresses Cuts Perfect For You


The beginning of a new school year is approaching, which means that the countdown to the prom party begins, so does the planning for the dress you want. Among the different styles available, as a dominant pattern, we found the Short Prom Dresses. That is why we have created a list of cuts and recommendations to achieve the ultimate prom look -and maybe even snatch a crown.


There are many ways for a dress to be asymmetrical, for example when the dresses only have a strap or when the back is semi-exposed. But the most stunning way is when you have a short skirt in front and a little longer behind. In matters of color, the trends according to Vogue 5 Our Favorite Short Dresses for Prom are orange and coral.

It’s your chance to buy one, as these will be the favorites of designers like Jovani Fashion this summer season, plus there are colors that fit all types of complexion. Among the models of the latest collection of Short Prom Dresses, we have found the Plunging Neckline Party Dress, with metallic finishes and asymmetric patterns, with length above the knee.


One of the most loved and known models for girls at prom is strapless, so if you already have a couple of these in your closet, it’s time to get a new dress and trend to wear because they will continue to be fashionable. Perfect for young ladies with a little bust. Keeping with the Jovani Fashion line, we have the Black Multi Floral Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Short Dress; will allow you to combine it with all kinds of minimalist accessories.


Layered Short Prom Dresses are ideal for the couple’s picture because they look very romantic. If the model you chose is a little, you can complement it with a belt or a ribbon that combines or contrast the waist. The layers are a perfect proposal for girls with the classic triangular body where the shoulders are smaller than the hips, like the Multi Butterfly Dress Embroidered Fitted One Shoulder, Short Dress, where the upper part is strengthened to balance with the area below. Also, the detail of focus in this area is the most recommended.

If you decide to choose a sleeved one, it’s better to go for flare, applications and eye-catching details, such as lace, rhinestones, among others. Also, the off-shoulders neckline will make your collar bones stand out.

As additional points you should consider:

  • Event Details: This point is also essential; you should evaluate if the environment is closed or open, if it is outdoors or in the traditional gym. For indoor environments, it is recommended to wear dark dresses that contrast with your skin and give you a stunning presence, while for out-door prom parties, light colors are preferred, remember not to exaggerate.

Suitable accessories: An excellent choice of dress is accompanied by a right accessory or some jewelry that you want to use. Use a small handbag; the color should match the dress, earrings, rings, etc. It will depend on what you use, the gold and silver colors are always in trend.

Your personal style: Last but not least, don’t forget about your personal style. There is a variety of dresses, colors, and models to suit it. You are advised when using them, always respect the protocol, if you are already an expert and have a style of your own, you will not have any problem, on the contrary, if you are still adapting, check out designers’ website (as the mentioned above) or experienced people. The more knowledge you acquire, the easier it will be for you to choose the right dress.

The patience is fundamental. It is essential to look great, and above all that you feel safe and confident.