3 Best Children Gifts Ideas for the Festive Season


We all believe that sharing gifts especially with kids can bring a cute smile on their face. These gifts can either be readymade or homemade as per your choice and taste. It depends on what actually you plan in gifting the little one. Take a look at the 4 best gift ideas to gift children this festive season.

  1. Doll House- There is no girl who is not fond of a doll house then why not take this opportunity of gifting a loved one with a beautiful doll house this festive season. Today with the advancements in technology, doll houses with in-built wi-fi are available in the market. There is something really special about it. Simply connect it to the Wi-fi and this doll house will start responding to more than 100 voice commands. The moment a child says “Hello dreamhouse” their wish will be granted. They can use voice commands for turning on the shower, opening doors, turning the stairs of the house into a slide and more. The modern doll houses have 5-6 rooms, furniture pieces that are brightly coloured, an oven which alerts the moment dinner is ready and a working fireplace. It is a splurge that is worth it. With such a technologically advanced doll house, you little loved one will play with the doll house for many years to come.
  2. Pop-up Cards- Spoil someone special this festive season by presenting her with a pop-up card. Create a cute card and include in it a cartoon character of the recipient’s choice and see how it brightens up their festive day. A pop-up card will be an excellent twist to an ordinary card. Create some simple cuts in colourful, decorative papers for creating a tab then push the tab ahead and put the pop-up image. You can also buy a readymade card and use tabs on the pop-up image, put it on the middle of the card. Just see how the little recipient of this card falls in love with your creation.
  3. Jewellery- Gifting a little girl with some beautiful kids’ jewellery will be a great festive gift as she can team it up with her festive outfit and look like a princess. Today there are many shops that sell a wide array of fun and fashionable jewellery pieces for small girls to wear including jewellery sets with rings, bracelets, earrings and a necklace that match with one another. Flowers and butterflies are 2 popular themes used for making cute Childrens jewellery by an australian brand . Disney themed jewellery will be another excellent choice. These generally have a gemstone with a gold or silver finish on it. Costume pieces are also a great choice. The colours used will be that of painted enamel. You can gift your loved one with acrylic rings and bracelets custom designed for them.

So, next time you plan to gift something to a little girl and are in a fix, try these innovative ideas. You will be happy that you did it. All the Best!!!