Micro Bead Hair Extensions Pros and Cons


Micro Link or Micro Bead Hair Extension has become one option of hair extension which people can choose if they expect the hair which is longer and thicker instantly. This type of hair extension comes with small bundle hair form which is looped through the natural hair small sections. Metal bead will be used for securing the hair extension by clamping it around the hair using the help from the pliers. People can also find the hair extension option which is more convenient than the micro bead one using micro leap hair extension. Instead of using the metal bead, the hair will be attached using the loop as well as bead. However, it is a little bit different because there is no loop tool which is needed for making attachment with the natural hair. To perform this kind of hair extension, 4-5 hours should be spent. This kind of hair extension can last for about 2-3 months. Before people make their decision about the types of hair extension which can be chosen, they need to learn more about the pros as well as cons of the micro bead hair extension.

Pros of Micro Bead Hair Extensions
There are some good things which can be found from this hair extension compared to other techniques. To attach the hair, there is no need to use glue or heat. That is why the damage to the hair can be reduced. People can simply uncrimped the hair extension and reuse it again. People can simply slide the hair extensions up and down for adjusting the result based on their expectation. It I also great that people can find the result which blends without any seam with their natural hair. There is no need to worry about washing the hair because it can be done very easily.

People might think that this type of hair extension is super great for them but they must not forget that there are some cons which can be found as well. First of all, if people have fine or short hair, they should not use this type of hair extension. Micro bead hair extension can also make people feel uncomfortable feeling as well as strain on their scalp. When people try to clamp down the hair extension using the pliers, their natural hair can break. The hair can be damaged as well when the extension is not removed properly by the professional. There is no way people can tie their hair with high ponytails with micro bead hair extensions. Shop now for micro bead hair extensions on Hairexten.com.