5 Common Myths about Wedding Rings Debunked


Finally, it’s “YOUR” turn to get hitched with your partner and a lot of questions are likely to crop up in your mind – proposal planning, surprises, ring selection and more. This is the time when you get a lot of suggestions and opinions from the people around you. One of the most important parts of a wedding is selecting the right rings as it is an accessory that you would use for lifetime and symbol of your love. Everybody has their own list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to shopping for wedding rings. However, most of the things you would get to hear about shopping for rings are wrong. Here are the most common myths about wedding rings that you should not believe in.

Myth 1: Diamonds Are the Best Choice

Many people believe that diamonds are the best choice for wedding rings. We do agree that it is one of the choices, but there is a lot more from which you can choose, including pearl and other gemstones. Diamonds are seen as an ultimate declaration of one’s love but are also often very costly. But, you should always choose the rings according to your preferred style and budget.

Myth 2: Shopping for Wedding Rings with Your Partner Isn’t a Great Idea

Many people assume that women long for a surprise wedding ring with a super romantic proposal, thanks to the viral pre-planned proposal videos. It is not mandatory. Everybody has their own style, choice and dreams about their wedding rings and you would never know if your partner would like your choice of ring. So, involve your partner in the buying process and choose rings according to her choice. After all, both of you would be wearing the rings for the rest of your lives.

Myth 3: Gold Rings Are Old-Fashioned

While gold has always been everybody’s popular choice for jewellery, the young generation steps back while choosing this metal in case of wedding rings. There are many people who choose simple platinum bands just because they don’t want to look old-fashioned by choosing gold. Don’t forget that it’s your wedding ring and you can choose whatever you want. You need not worry about other people’s opinion. Pairing the perfectly-graded diamond with gold gives a classic look to the ring and gold is still in style for wedding rings.

Myth 4: You Should Save Two/Three Months of Salary to Buy a Diamond Ring

This is one of the biggest myth about wedding rings. If you want to buy diamond rings, there’s a misconception that you should save up at least 2-3 months’ salary. This is not true. You can find diamond rings at different price ranges. You can choose one based on what you can afford.

Myth 5: Lab Diamonds Are Fake Diamonds

Lab diamonds are made in labs with chemicals and have the same properties as natural diamonds. Advanced technological processes are used to make these diamonds and they are as beautiful as real diamonds. They are more affordable than natural diamonds and are a good alternative to natural diamonds.

With all these myths debunked, we hope your wedding ring shopping becomes easier. Wedding rings are an important part of the auspicious ceremony. Make sure that you don’t believe in these myths.