Best Designer iPhone Cases for Summer 2017


There is no doubt we live in a social media and tech-centric world. Try walking down the street and see how many people are not looking down and scrolling through their smartphone. It’s unusual to see people out and about without a smartphone in hand. In fact, it’s downright unusual not to see someone staring at a phone or tablet. It’s as if we are suddenly glued to our phones in an unhealthy way. Can you imagine if someone from the 1800’s witnessed how modern humans conduct themselves in public and private. If they were to return today, they’d immediately wonder why so many people were constantly staring down at something in their hand. They would be perplexed why some people didn’t hold their heads up on a sunny day and greet friends and strangers alike when walking. It’s laughable if you truly think how ridiculous many of us look with our smartphone addiction.

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Obsessed as many of us may be with social media, technology connected the world in recent years like never before. Even the elderly are learning to use tablets to keep in touch with their family. Every Sunday afternoon, one of my dear friends Facetimes with her 95-year old grandmother. They both love to see each other and it’s more life like and dimensional than simply using the telephone. My friend says she often FaceTimes her grandmother to show her new outfits or what she is wearing for the weekend. Technology and the release of apps for the phone and tablets put people right in your home, even if they are thousands of miles away. Along with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is the world of fashionable tech accessories. Even my friend’s grandmother has a growing collection of cases for her iPad and iPhone.

It makes no sense to invest in a new iPhone if you have a penchant for dropping things. There are a vast array of iPhone cases flooding the market, but they are not all created equally. Mall kiosks are filled to the brim with cheap cases that easily crack and do not necessarily protect your phone. Many well known designers are launching iPhone accessories, but not all of these cases are a perfect match for your iPhone. After testing designer iPhone cases from several brands, our favorites are from the accessories line PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs’ collection of iPhone cases perfectly merges fashion and tech. You may be familiar with this accessories brand by their collection of popular Reid satchels. Their well designed handbags are often spotted in fashion glossies and on the arms of influencers and style stars.

Without a doubt, PLIA Designs designer iPhone cases rank number one for summer 2017. We got in touch with the designers of the line and learned a lot about the inspiration behind these beautiful iPhone cases. All of the illustrations on the cases are created from scratch by an artist. She begins the process by painting them on a canvas- a true work of art! The designers told me that French pastries inspired part of the collection. Wonderfully illustrated macarons burst with color along with other delicious delights such as the decadently whip cream-topped St. Honoré. Each case is also incredibly protective; it makes your phone feel very safe and cared for. PLIA Designs designer iPhone cases are hands-down summer favorites for the fashionable tech crowd.

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