Best men’s jackets for all seasons


Weather patterns have always been unpredictable. These days we can all agree that the winters are particularly cold and the summers are way hotter than previous years. And the need to protect ourselves from the elements is vital. Whether you are looking for a long coat to protect you from wind and snow or a light jacket to take you through the transitional period into spring, here are a few men’s jackets that will take you from winter into summer comfortably and well protected.

The duffel coat

This men’s jacket has long been a staple for men on the go. It has been known to see sailors through cold spells on the open seas and there is no reason it will not help during your commute to the office. The toggles may give it a more relaxed look but it does not mean you cannot wear it on your way to the office. This garment is always well made and sturdy that will see you through many a cold winter seasons. It is a great investment and a men’s jacket worth having in your closet.

The slim fit puffer jacket

For a short fit jacket, this men’s jacket packs a big punch. It has fast become a favoritein men’s closets everywhere. It is versatile and does not weigh you down. It is lightweight and fitted. Also, the modern-day puffer is available in a range of colors and cuts. There is one for every style and personal preference. You can wear it casually or layered for more warmth. The puffer jacket also lends more visual texture to your outfit.

The structured or hooded parker

The parker was once relegated to the closets of outdoorsmen and woodcutters. Now it is finding its way back on the catwalks and can be seen worn with suits. This men’s jacket has found a new lease in the fashion world. The parker is more structured and with its waxed exterior can stand up to the harshest of elements. The structured or hooded parker can be worn casually or with suits and other formal wear.

The camel colored coat

There is no better way to make a stylish and bold fashion statement in winter than with a camel coat. This classic color can be found in a variety of designs, from a simple parker, single-breasted coast to a trench coat. This color, no matter the design, lends an instant stylish and classic tone to any outfit. Whether worn over formal wear or casual wear, the camel coat is a must-have in any wardrobe.

The all-rounder technical jacket

A staple in every man’s closet should be a men’s jacket for every season. Whether it is in the heart of winter or in the middle of sweltering summer, a technical jacket will help you brave the elements with confidence. The seam-sealed, waterproof design will make sure you stay dry in rain or snow. Also, the insulation will keep you warm during your daily commute. The technical jacket can be worn with any outfit as it is more functional than fashionable.

Choosing a few staple men’s jacket available on the market today will ensure that you are well protected from the elements. No matter the season. Always make sure your choices match your existing style and personality.