Craftsmanship Inspired by our Environment


The longest day of the year has passed, and we officially have planted ourselves into the two most beautiful months here in vacation land.

This summer solstice also happened to be Father’s Day, a day that puts our fathers into all of our minds and adds for a bit of reflection. I have begun to recognize more and more the pieces of my personality that have directly been handed down from my father. One thing that I can say of many is that my father had more than just an influence on my personal style, he planted the seed that would grow and develop into my sartorial choices as a man. In no way am I saying that we wear the same clothing or even look at style from the same perspective, but the likeness is there.

When discussing my palette for footwear and accessories I can understand now why craftsmanship and quality is so crucial and held to the deserving regard. I grew up loving the smell of my father’s closet, may sound a bit strange, but handmade leather shoes polished and kept with cedar shoe trees can make for olfactory satisfaction. This same sense, or better yet comfort, plays to all accessories: a proper money clip, the right watch, not the trendy watch, leather soled shoes, and of course well-fitting eyewear.

Oakley sunglasses have spent over two decades developing glasses that they are not only proud of, but eyewear that we want to wear daily for all occasions. That style imprinting from 40 years ago is showing its face today. They are unlike any pair of glasses you will find available today. Although there are brands that they were personally inspired by, even in awe of, they have spent a long time now treading their own path, and so should you.

The time they have spent to create each piece that has become a pair of Oakley glasses can be directly linked to the regard for all things quality that was ingrained into Jim, the founder, at a young age. As they prepare to introduce a new line of products, the most basic level necessity is the focus to each detail from grain to cut to finish to fit. A truly proper pair of eyewear.