Finer Cuts and Options for the Best Women Suits


For your wedding, the choice of the costume is (almost) as important as that of the dress. Our recommendations not to be wrong. The time is over when we just put on his best suit to get married. Like the wedding dress, women today take special care to choose their outfit for the day. It is not always easy to navigate, especially if you do not have nothing of a shopaholic. Do not panic, as for the choice of your alliance, we will guide you to live at best and who knows, appreciate this delicate moment.

Ready to wear, half-measure or big measure?

The ready to wear women suits offers the undeniable advantage of the price, even if it can rise quickly at prestigious brands. With the tailor-made, however, impossible to be wrong: the suit perfectly matches your physique. Breaking with the arcana of masculine elegance, the tailor is often of good advice. It is important, however, to distinguish the half measure from the large measure, which designate two different ways of working and therefore two different budgets.

The great measure, or bespoke, represents the grail of masculine elegance: after having measured his client from every angle, the tailor draws a unique pattern, from which he crafts the costume, thus offering the guarantee of a garment. Totally adapted to the physical characteristics of his client.

Once this point of general knowledge has been clarified, what are the criteria to be taken into account? With the help of experts in the field, here are our five tips for choosing your wedding suit.

Consider the style of your wedding

The place contributes to the definition of this spirit, as well as the style of the bride’s dress attention, it should not be too much to reveal to the future groom!” Better to ask your fiancee to accompany you in your fittings, or, if you want to keep the element of surprise, entrust the mission to a trusted third party who also saw the dress of the bride and can advise you on the choice of your outfit. From sumissura you can have the best deal here.

Think about your silhouette as a whole

The success of the groom’s outfit depends on the overall impression that emerges from it. So you have to think about it in terms of silhouette and not just costume. For Sophie Samson, “the spirit of the groom’s outfit will depend on the combination of all its elements. At home, a first appointment always ends with a general definition of the silhouette (frock coat, 3 piece suit or tuxedo) and especially ideas of association of materials and colours”. It also advocates thinking about the harmony of metals alliance, watch, cufflinks and leathers shoes, belt, suspenders. The choice of accessories will have to be made according to that of the costume.