Most Popular Eyeglass Frames in 2019



Eyeglasses are not mere usual accessory that contains one piece. They are combination of two major parts that makes the framework of these eyeglasses. These two vital parts are frames and glasses. Frames can be of number of types, shapes, sizes and can use a number of materials ranging from wooden to metallic and also synthetic plastic or glass frames.

Voogueme eyeglasses online best place to buy best eyeglasses that are most in fashion these days in 2019. Here you can find best glasses that have unique styling and most modern frames that you can choose from. At Voogueme there are five types of most trendy eyeglasses that we are going to discuss as follows.

  1. Cat-eye glasses:

When we talk about cat eye glasses the look and feel is so unique. Their shape is also trendy for people who want to attract the attention towards their lovely eyes. No matter if you are a man or a woman, the stunning design will increase the best features on your face. They will surely create a look for which you are longing from a lot of years. The cat eye frames gives you a shape and do not alter the benefits that you normally have with any pair of prescription eyeglasses. There will still be UV protection by selecting the desired lens coatings that will offer you enhanced protection.

  1. Prescription glasses:

Moving on towards prescription glasses they will transform the way you look. Your style, glasses, the frames you choose, your choice of materials all will matter the same. Prescription sunglasses not only just an instrument that allow you to see but they also provide you an opportunity to be in style. You should select the frames that match your personality and select them according to your preference.

  1. Living coral glasses:

Living coral frames are the discovery of this era. In modern world latest materials are being selected for frames of eye glasses that will make you look more presentable. If you are ready to invest in a great pair of eyeglasses, living coral framed glasses can be your best bet. They have non-corrosive surface that give flexibility and protection for long time that makes them last longer.

  1. Transparent frames:

These frames are also known as translucent or colorless frames. These are clear glasses that are great for both men and women and add fun style to your overall look. Transparent eyeglasses are in fashion for a number of years now and their demand is ever growing. One reason they are so popular is that they’re very easy to wear and comfortable to handle.

  1. Brown line Glasses:

People who drive a lot prefer brown and copper line glasses they have unique personalities. For increased visual clarity but also because they enhance the color red. So, since brake lights, stop lights and tail lights are all red, they’ll really stand out. The easier it is to see these critical warning signals the faster reaction times become.

Benefits of eyeglasses:

Using progressive glasses does not mean you have to wear them all day. Its use will depend on the occasions for which you are wearing these amazing eyeglasses.

At Voogueme we present you the best eyeglasses that have these additional features

  • Clear vision at any distance: The multifocal design allows concentrating on the same lens, all the powers of a user, allowing us to see and focus clearly at any distance. Users who only have eyestrain will greatly improve their near and medium distance tasks.
  • Greater comfort in any task: By only wearing glasses, it is possible to perform several activities at once. With this product you eliminate the fact of having to wear several glasses depending on where you want to look or the activity you do.
  • Easy adaptation: Thanks to the latest advances, the adaptation to progressive glasses is very easy and intuitive. In this sense, thanks to the latest designs, it is possible to reach percentages of 100% and the transition between graduations is usually very smooth and natural.
  • Dynamic visual comfort: By resembling our natural vision, the use of progressive provides a plus of comfort in our daily, domestic, work, leisure or sports where, generally, we are in constant movement.
  • Optimal vision without limits. Thanks to the fact that progressive crystals can be carved in almost every diopter possible, it makes them an ideal optical product for almost all people, regardless of the refractive defects that are possessed.
  • Progressive eyeglasses: For those people who prefer not to wear simple eyeglasses, there are multifocal glasses that perform the same function, being currently one of the products whose demand is growing in optical establishments.

Hence at Voogueme the quality of frames and range of materials being used for these frames is second to none. Moreover you will get exciting discounts by visiting our online store.