Prepping for a New Year party? We sort you out

New Year party

The New Year beckons, but first, let’s party! Here’s how you prep for it.

New Year parties are always fun. You catch up with friends over drinks and snacks, talk and laugh, and then hit the dance floor with a vengeance. But you want to look super sexy even as you usher in the new year, and that takes some amount of preparation.

We help you get ready for this year’s party:

* Get your dress, makeup and accessories sorted first.First things first – what are you wearing? Do you already have a dress or do you need to go buy it? Get your dress sorted first, and have it dry cleaned in time. Next, plan your make-up, jewellery, clutch and shoes to go with the dress. Once this is sorted, you can start on skin and hair grooming.

* Remove unwanted hair from your body.You will dance the night away, looking super glam and turning heads wherever you go – but hopefully, you won’t turn heads for the wrong reasons! Get your skin hair-free in time for the party, so you won’t have to worry about your dress riding up and exposing the hair on your thigh, or underarm hair poking out of your short sleeves. Get a box of cold wax strips to remove the unwanted hair from your arms and legs. Do this at least two days before the party, so that your skin can ‘settle’ down. You can remove unwanted hair from the underarms and bikini line also, using cold wax strips. Or if you are afraid of the pain, you can try a depilation cream instead.

* Prep your skin. Now that you have removed unwanted hair from the skin, it is time to prep your skin so that it looks and feels its best on the night of the party. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must. These will keep your skin healthy and refreshed, apart from hydrating for the cold winter nights. After prepping the skin, you can choose the makeup you want to wear: concealer, primer, foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and lip liner. You will also need hair spray and serum to keep your hair settled and hydrated. Get it all sorted in the right colour scheme and order at least a day before the party.

* Get into your dress, wear those heels and have a great time! Now all that remains is to leave for the party. Have a long shower with warm water, and shampoo and condition your hair carefully. Once you’re out of the shower, blow dry and set your hair. Now proceed to do your makeup. Slip into your dress, wear your jewellery, carry your clutch and get into your shoes. All that now remains is to dazzle the world with your clear skin and flawless beauty!