Ring lights: which one should you get?

Ring lights

The ring lights cast an even light onto the subject to reduce shadows in the face. It minimizes blemishes as it illuminates the eyes. People usually use ring lights in portraits and glamour shots. Some even use it in videography where there is only one subject. A ring light produces perfectly-balanced lighting with even distribution on all sides. This allows more control on what you want to focus on. The result is a high-quality photo and video without the needs of a high budget.

YouTubers, makeup artists, photographers, and even regular individuals use ring lights. There are different ring lights available at the LUVO store. Here are some of the best ring lights at https://www.luvostore.com.au/.

Classic 19″ Ring Light

This is perfect for all professionals who work on-the-go. It has features that allow personalization and customization. You can use the interchangeable white and yellow filter or diffusers for more style. The adjustable brightness control let you achieve high-quality bright lighting. The adjustable pan head gives you access to various heights and angles. It operates a long service life because it is a LED ring light. You can use it for more than 50,000 hours. It is a heavy ring light so you should avoid placing it on a 90-degree angle for too long. IT comes with a free camera and smartphone mount, a free carry bag, and a 2-year warranty.

GlowPRO 2

This 18″ ring light is the hottest high-end professional LED ring light. It features adjustable brightness and temperature controls that make it unique. You no longer need any filter when taking photos or shooting videos. You can alter the lighting and choose the matching temperature setting. It even has 5 extra mounting slots and detachable double-sided mirror. These will make your selfies even more incredible. The new slim and chic compact design of this ring light makes it so easy to carry you can bring it anywhere. It even comes with a 2-year warranty, a free carry bag, and a free camera and phone holder.

Beauty Ring Light DUO

This versatile selfie ring light is available in rose gold or white. Its adjustable warm and cool LED lights make it excellent for those who love taking selfies. There are 3 levels of brightness intensity to suit any environment. You can clip it onto any smartphone or tablet without any difficulties. It can fit both your front and back camera by flipping it. The compact size makes it perfect for almost any use.