Tire Chalk Isn’t Just For Law Enforcement Officers


Tire chalk can be an invaluable tool for those who own or manage a parking lot. While it is generally associated with meter maids, parking enforcers or police offers, it can also serve the needs of parking lot attendants and owners.

In the parking enforcement realm, tire chalk is used to mark the tires of vehicles in parking spaces that have a limited time allowance for parking there. It is one of the best tools for monitoring parking areas for drivers who have stayed past their allotted time in a parking zone. In this way, tickets or other enforcement measures can be issued based upon compliance (or lack thereof) with the law.

An Effective Parking Lot Monitoring Tool

Private owners of parking lots can benefit from this tool just as governments, municipalities and neighborhoods do. Parking lots that require payment can use chalk sticks to keep track of which cars have paid or are otherwise authorized to park in a certain area or lot. The chalk mark can serve as a reminder pertaining to both payment and time frames for parking there.

If a car is still parked in a space beyond the allotted or paid time frame, a ticket can be issued. Just as in law enforcement, private parking lot owners can enact terms that bring financial consequences for parking in a way that is not in compliance with the rules set forth for the parking lot or parking area.

Using Boots or Towing for Enforcement

Other measures can be taken with cars parked in a way that is not in keeping with the rules for the parking area. One alternate method is to install a boot on one of the wheels of the car. This will immobilize the car and make it impossible to drive until the offender has made payment. This measure is especially useful if the parking lot owner has doubts about whether their paper ticket or bill will be paid by the offender.

Another way of dealing with this issue is by having a policy of towing any cars that are not in compliance with parking lot rules. While this may seem like an extreme measure, it’s an effective way to ensure that abuses of parking lot privileges do not occur. Towing can be reserved for extreme offenders who exceed parking limits by a day or more.

Tire chalk comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This can allow for flexibility of use as well as the ability to designate different meanings for each color. Chalk sticks can also be used to extend the reach of the chalk and make the act of chalking tires easier and less strenuous.