What are Setting Sprays and how are They Used


Out there on the market these days, there are two main types of setting sprays when it comes to beauty products. Both of them are liquid spray beautification products, with one type being applied to a woman’s hair, and the other to her face. The hair setting spray is at the moment the more common of these two types.

Packaged in either a pump or aerosol bottle, they assist in holding a woman’s hair in place. Professional hair setting sprays are quick drying and are available in a variety of formulas from the lightweight to super hold, although all of these versions will commonly have a lighter hold than that of gels, pomades and waxes.

The Make-up Type

And while hair setting sprays are the most common type of setting spray right now, there’s also a make-up setting spray. Similar to hair setting sprays, urban decay setting spray is applied by way of a spritzer and in this case it’s administered over make-up, on one’s face. The spray is designed to resist any heat and humidity which can go on to cause things like smearing, melting and a loss of makeup colour.

  • Hair and make-up setting sprays are commonly utilised by make-up artists on people such as models and actors for professional photo shoots and filming.
  • There are a wide range of hair setting sprays on the market, and while their most important task is to help set a style and then assist in keeping it in place, setting sprays will quite often have special added ingredients, that provide other advantages for hair.
  • Nearly all sprays have been tailored for particular hair types or conditions.
  • They can be used to help create shine and gloss for dull hair. Some setting sprays do double duty by setting both the hair and adding volume and lift to the roots to combat flat-looking hair.
  • For those with unruly or curly hair, they can also be used to decrease the amount of flyaway hairs and control frizz.

Setting sprays in most cases will provide a stronger holding than traditional hairsprays. This extra strength will sometimes mean that the spray can leave the hair feeling sticky, dry or crunchy. However, by simply running a brush through the hair after the setting spray has dried, can help to remedy this.

  • Those women that make use of a cheaper kind of setting spray quite often, may damage their hair or get dandruff.
  • This occurs because the main ingredients are alcohol and other stringent chemical compounds and why it’s in one’s best interests to purchase a setting spray for hair and face which contains natural compounds.
  • Also, to help maintain great hair health it is always best to wash hair on a regular basis to help remove any residue left behind by the spray.

More and more setting sprays are starting to add natural ingredients and herbal infusions to promote hair nourishment.