What to Expect From a Party Planner


A party planner has multiple roles to play. When thinking of DIY party planning, consider a professional to reduce the burden. Their job includes more than just choosing the right party decor. When hiring the services of a party planner these are some services to expect.


The greatest role that a party planner plays is maintaining communication between the party host, and the suppliers. A party planner ensures that everything is delivered on time. And there is communication between the team to ensure that everyone’s task is completed in time.

Planning the budget

It is also upon the party planner to plan the entire budget of the party. This includes the food, drinks, decor, and all petty costs. You are presented with the entire budget which makes your work very easy. They are also in charge of making all the payments to all suppliers.

Making purchases

Party planners are in charge of the purchases and the supplies. This ought to be accompanied by the receipts and payment report. Since party planners in Oxfordshire have a wider network of suppliers, they know better where to source various items. Party planners also know where to purchase each item, even during times of scarcity in the market. This would be difficult to do yourself, thus making the party planners very important.


This is also another service to expect from a party planner. Coordination of logistics that include food and location is very important for a party to succeed. This also includes targeting to run the party as planned. A party planner is also obliged to hire extra staff whenever necessary and ensure they are working as required.

Arranging transport

Transport is very important especially when two venues are involved. For instance, for weddings, transport from the church to the reception. Some guests require transport because some may come from out of town. Planners are required to arrange flights, book shuttles, trains and much more.

Pointing out venues

There are parties where the host already has a venue. But where a venue has not been decided on, the party planner is required to table various venues. The venues are required to go along with the nature and theme of the party. This could be a very difficult task for you especially when more than one venue is required.

After-party wrap up

After a successful party, it is the responsibility of the party planner to wrap things up. After the party, there is much to be done including distribution of items back to providers and packing. This is easier when it is done by the party planner. This will allow you time to relax and bid your guests goodbye. Party planners will also ensure the guests who are travelling do it smoothly.

In order for a party planner to execute their responsibilities well, it is important to consider their qualifications and experience. You can get more tips on how to choose a reliable party planner. When the right tips are followed, you are assured of a successful party.