3 Practical Tips to Teach Your Children Storing and Organising Their Toys Properly


Children love to create a mess. But if you continue organising their mess even after they have grown up, they’ll never learn how to organise things and it will prove very hard for them in the future.

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As such, they should learn to organise all their stuff. But teaching them to organise and store their toys well is a good start.

You can lovingly explain your kids how a well-organised room looks good and will help keep their mind calm, and so, how it’s necessary to keep their room organised in order to make their life easy.

Then you can buy storage solutions for them and instruct them how to store things according to various criteria, such as shapes, sizes, purpose, and so on.

While doing so, you can explain them why you have bought those particular storage solutions, so that in the future they too can use the criteria or set their own criteria and make choices.

Toys are of all kinds, for example, you can buy child play sets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or at any toy stores online for various selections of toys. But then they should be stored well so as to last long and look good.

Here are a few practical tips to inculcate a habit of storing toys well in your children and they will thank you when they grow up.

1. Let Your Advice be Child-friendly

Skill of organisation doesn’t come by birth. Moreover, what an adult wants may be beyond the understanding of a child.

So, you’ll need to come down to your kid’s mental level and find a solution that they can understand and follow easily.

Here are some hints:

  • Store their favourite toys which they want almost daily on the lower shelves in the cupboard so that they can get them and keep them back easily.
  • Let bins and baskets be small enough so that the kids can lift and move them with ease even if they are fully loaded. If they are too big to handle for the kids, you’ll have do the task of organisation.

2. Explain the Art of Organising

Your child won’t know how to store her toys unless you explain her. But instead of only instructing her to put things in designated places, explain her why she should do so.

For example, while buying boxes for her toys, choose appropriately sized boxes. Then once the toys are stored in them, label them. This will make her find them a lot easier.

Keep in mind that the name given by your child to her toys may be different than what you call them. Let them label the boxes with the names they have chosen.

If you have kids that can’t read yet, let their older siblings draw pictures for them beside words, so that they can identify which box contains durable push along toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, which one contains dolls and which one contains cars.

During this entire process, you can explain the kids why it’s necessary and they will learn the organisation habits in other parts of their life too.


Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

3. Trigger Their Imagination

While applying your own ideas, you can even encourage your kids to give suggestions. Maybe they get an idea of building their own storage bins out of used buckets or containers and even decorate them beautifully.

Make it teamwork and do it together instead of you being the leader. This will boost their imagination and thought process to work out easy and practical solutions to problems, not only storage but even others.

Having too many toys (or anything else) makes it difficult to manage which the kids should learn. Explain them why they should get rid of excess stuff and make the job of storage easy.

The good habits of storage and organisation of their toys will help your children organise other things too and they will be grateful to you always for teaching them the art of neatness.