Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

When planning a wedding, a lot of thought goes into the dress, the venue, the guest list, and even the food that you are going to serve, but one of the most important decisions every couple has to make is who they will use for their photographer. The photographer is the only person who is at the wedding with the sole purpose of capturing memories for the future, which is why it’s important to take your time when making a decision on who to hire.

Things to Consider

With many amazing wedding photographers in Lancashire to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice. The photographer who shot your friend’s wedding may not be the right person for you. Think about the following things before you sign a contract:

  • What style the photographer has
  • If they will bring a second person with them to capture extra angles
  • What your wedding date and budget are
  • How they will give you your photographs after the wedding
  • Whether or not they offer engagement and wedding package discounts

Before Hiring

You will want to sit down and interview any potential photographers that you are considering hiring and look at examples of their work. Ask to see a whole album from a wedding so you can see more than just their best pictures on their website. In addition, make sure that your personalities mesh, as they will be with you during your intimate moments.

Getting married is very exciting, and with the right photographer, you can ensure that you will remember your big day for the rest of your life. Choose carefully and you’ll be able to work with the photographer of your dreams.


How To Make A Floral Wedding Crown?

Ditch the veil and choose a floral crown. We have rounded up simple ways on how to make a gorgeous floral wedding crown.

Not only floral crowns are ideal for simple gatherings or garden parties, because they are popularly used in a wedding. For bridesmaid, they are one of the beautiful ways to make best use of the fresh blossoms and stand out among the crowd while wearing their long sleeve bridesmaid dresses. Simply pick or buy your desired flowers and clip them to a wire base. Now, enjoy the luxury of having a special, gorgeous headpiece.

Whether it is an outside wedding or a beach wedding, you can find flower wedding crowns just around everywhere. Here is how to make your own.

Choose your flowers

Of course, you want to start your floral crown with a layer of beautiful flowers that cover the wire. This will serve as the base of your crown. As possible, choose a combination of small and large ones. Make sure to choose some un-flowered foliage. It is recommended to trim off the leaves on the stem nearby bloom.

Measure the floral wire’s length around your head

When measuring, it is advised to leave around one-fourth inch of wiggle space since you are going to pack it with a lot of greenery. Remove the excessive wire; the rest should be formed into a spherical shape.

Choose some flexible items of your un-flowered greenery, use short wire lengths to shelter it to the wire base.

You will suddenly notice that it is a circle of greenery, not a circle of floral wire. This will serve as the base for your awesome creation. Now, combine it with an array of un-flowered greens.

Add flowers

Make sure the stems of flowers are at least three inches long to attach all flowers to the crown. Tape the stem to your crown using a floral tape. Similar to greenery, make certain the tape around the stem stays for about 4 to 5 times.

Secure the flower to the base of greenery by covering a spiral floral wire around the stem

If the stem is more than a one-half inch, it may be necessary to secure the flower using a wire at the stem’s end and at the bloom’s bottom. Make sure the ends of the wire are not pointing to the circle within. This is to avoid poking of your scalp when the crown has been putted onto.

Additional tip:

In order to make an even look on the crown’s ends, use a piece of greenery similar to the one you started with and turn it the reverse way – wrap it to the end using florist tape so that the stems’ ends will be covered.

When arranging the flowers, begin to the side of center, which leaves a gap in between. Arrange your flowers to ensure they’re facing similar way. When you are done with the sides, choose the element to be used as your central point.

Enjoy these easy and modish tips to create your own dazzling floral wedding gowns or lace bridesmaid dresses! If you want to get more wedding ideas, particularly on bridesmaid dresses, Bridesmaid Only can help a lot. They can assist how to style your flower crown so it would match perfectly with your gown.


6 Impressive Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents

Anniversary is a special moment for sure and when it is the anniversary of your parents, the occasion becomes all the more important. You have to organize a party and surprise them but you must not forget the list of gifts that can be presented to them on this special day. Have a look at these gifts for parents on anniversary and buy your favorite one for them.

Indoor Plants: Keeping indoor plants is a great way of breathing pure air. It keeps one calm and cool and reduces stress from life. A lucky bamboo plant, jasmine plant, spider plant, or gardenia can be given as anniversary gifts for parents. Look out for online shops where you can locate lovely plants.

Photo Frame: Combine all their photographs that you have from childhood till now to make a wonderful photo frame which they can keep in their bedroom or in the drawing room. Show your love and respect towards them by presenting this personalized photo frame.

A Bottle of Wine: Celebrating a special moment with a bottle of Cognac or Chateau Margaux would be adored by anyone. Get a bottle of wine as wedding anniversary gift for parents. Wine is a lovely beverage which limits the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, lowers risk of stroke, and improves the skin glow. This can be combined with two large wine glasses for them to enjoy a peg of wine.

Couple Watches: Watches are not mere tools for checking time but it is also a mark of honor and prestige. An expensive and luxurious watch adds a lot of weightage to one’s personality. In case your parents have a fetish for watches, you don’t have any other option rather than presenting them a couple watch on anniversary. Attach a cute note in the watch box and wish them.

Packet of Movie DVD’s: You must have heard about the name of some of the old movies from them. Those were the movies which has shaped their thought in many ways. They went out with their set of friends to catch the glimpse of their favorite actors on screen or perhaps they went out for every new release in the initial years of marriage. Find out their list of favorite movies and get the DVD’s of these movies for them. Attach a nice note of love on the packet and wish them with this charming anniversary gift for parents.

Set of Books: Books are always the best friend of people. They open a segment of your mind and brain in a beautiful way and you are never the same. You learn to think from a different angle when you come in contact with good books. So, if your parents are really humungous readers or scholars, you must get them a set of books on their anniversary. Along with books, you can get them some other reading accessories like bookmark, reading glass, earphones, etc.

Flowers and Cakes with a CD of Romantic Songs: Yes, nothing can come near the appeal of a flower bouquet and a mesmerizing cake. Combine these two things and send to your parents in case you are away from them. Also keep a CD of their favorite romantic songs along with flowers and cakes. They are surely going to love this gift for anniversary of parents because there would be a barrage of memories that would flow with these songs. May their unity never fade!


How To Find Best Pictures weddings photographers

Those looking for Pictures weddings photography services will want to ensure they use a professional firm with a great reputation for producing beautiful shots and memorable memories of their big day.

Here at This Is Photography, we pride ourselves on offering totally personalised wedding photography services for a wide range of clients, and we always ensure we work closely with the happy couple right from the start, to make sure they are pleased with the finished wedding photography product.

Our wedding photography service is based in many countries but we are happy to work in a variety of areas so just get in touch with us and let us help you plan your perfect wedding photography package.

All our Pictures weddings photography packages are designed by the happy couple themselves, so we always know that the finished photo book or CD will be a great sketch of their special day and all their family and friends who helped make it memorable.

Ahead of a ceremony, our wedding photography photographers will meet a couple and find out what they want from their shot service and final images. We take reportage style portrait throughout a wedding day – arriving and leaving at your selection time – and we also giving the photos in a hand crafted album and an online gallery following the big day.

To ensure friends and family can view the beautiful images too, our Pictures weddings photographers will provide guests with cards with a unique code on the big day, which will allow entrance to the online gallery in the following days.

We know that couples getting married have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing their wedding photography services and that is why we sure we stay one step ahead of the crowd with the best Canon equipment.

We shoot all our wedding photography Hampshire shots in raw formats to ensure the best finishes and all our shots are thoroughly checked after the ceremony.

We’d love to be part of your big day, so if you are getting married soon, get in touch with us and let us provide you with the best tailored wedding photography package for your special day.


11 Brand-New Wedding Dress Concepts

Your wedding day is a grand occasion and an excellent one for showing off your personal sense of style. If you’re ready to try something a bit more distinctive than the traditional big white dress, these modern options may lead you to some interesting directions. The latest trends produce a fresh look that still has a wonderfully feminine feel.

If you are looking for a fresh collection of wedding dresses then Riki Dalal have the most unique yet unquestionably elegant collection of them all. If you would like an overall idea of what’s out there, keep reading on.

Subtle Ombre

If you’d like to add just a hint of colour to your wedding dress, the latest choice is light-hued ombre to deliver the suggestion of colour you’re looking for. You can use gowns that include layers of tulle or ruffled organza to make the effect even lighter. On the other hand, if you’re ready to go bold, you can combine simple, less-textured fabrics with brighter shades.

Sheer Lattice

Combine timeless style with a strong taste of modernism by picking out a dress that includes sheer panels created using basket weave or netting. You have a range of options to pick from here – all the way from fashion-forward convertibles featuring sheer skirts and illusion necklines to subtler dresses that add delicate lattice sleeves to classic styles. Let lattice liven up your wedding and help you stand out!

Interesting Embroidery

A little delicate embroidery can do an incredible job of livening up a traditional silhouette. A little lace and sequins are traditional but modern dresses can go much further, incorporating gold details, elaborate geometric patterns, and more.

Futuristic Column

The column gown has become a classic in its own right but nothing’s stopping you from picking out your own contemporary edition. Many designers are updating the style by adding features like asymmetric necklines and more structured shapes. Tie it together with a sleek belt that makes the entire outfit pop.

Bold Color

There’s nothing stopping you from eschewing classical white entirely. Set your own standards by trying a distinctive shade. Blush is a popular alternative to white, but you won’t have any difficulty in finding a vast range of colour choices. Go with hot pink, bright blue, pistachio green, gold, or even red.

Fashionable Fringe

Fringe might initially put you in mind of a seriously outdated look like the Jazz-age flapper. Today’s trends are warming up to fringe again and it’s showing up on more and more bridal runways. Adorn a classic silhouette with a little fringe in top-quality materials like silk, crystal and pearl. Make sure the drapery is handled with skill and you could create a truly epic look.

Between Dress And Pants

This trendy, challenging look has been spotted on the runways and on some of the world’s hottest trendsetters. If Emma Watson can make a dress over pants look chic; why not appropriate that au courant style for your wedding? Get ready to play on a new level of fashion!

The High-Low Hemline

If you’ve picked out some fabulous shoes and have shapely legs to show off, your options aren’t limited to the standard minidress. Try an asymmetric silhouette that comes out shorter in the front and longer in the rear. A high-low hemline is a superb compromise between a modern look and the more classic elements you crave.

Modern Ball Gown

You don’t need to be looking at wedding dresses for too long before you realise that all ball gowns are definitely not created equal. Modern designers are revitalising the form with some wild new features. The latest take replaces the stale sweetheart bodice with a button-down collared shirt combined with a bold belt.

Lacy Rompers

Rompers have made it all the way to the bridal runway. Watters leads the charge by offering a lacey bridal romper that’s sure to make you the talk of the town.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are making inroads in every part of the fashion world and bridal outfits are no exception. Feeling bold and ready to bare some skin? Try a cropped bustier. If you’d like something a little less daring, consider a high-waist skirt combined with a boxy top.


The Best Way to Save Money on Your Wedding

It is a universal truth, planning a wedding is stressful. There are endless decisions to make from which decor to which dress will look the best!

In the midst of all that planning, you will want to save money as well without compromising on the quality of the experience. So, we’ve included some top money saving tips below while making sure your special event will be nothing short of unforgettable!

Organise an Intimate Wedding

When you keep it small your wedding will feel more like a celebration than a production. An intimate wedding with a tight-knit group of friends and family allows the bride and groom time to truly enjoy their wedding and their guests’ company.

When you don’t have so many quests you will be able to spend more time with each of them. Plus it will save on the catering costs for hundreds of guests.

Schedule it Off-season

Scheduling your wedding off-season is a good way to cut costs. When your planners, photographers, videographers and caterers are in high demand, their prices will be higher—not to mention the wedding venue. So to reduce costs you’ll want to arrange your wedding for the off-season. Just remember that you should arrange for an indoor venue during the off-season as it will likely be chilly outside.

Hire a Photography or Videography Student

Why not hire a student or someone who is just starting out? Compared to seasoned, professional photographers these sole traders may have more competitive rates. This is because they are focusing on furthering their experience and expanding their business through networking opportunities. The same goes for wedding videography, but we do think both are a worthy investment. So by hiring professionals new to their field, you can make sure to fit both photography and videography into your wedding budget. And who wouldn’t want to immortalise the most special moments of their life?

Do Hair and Makeup at Home

Do you prefer low-key hair and makeup? Then you can probably get away with doing it at home. A simple hairdo and makeup arrangement can look just as classy if you take your time.

However, if you would prefer someone to tackle your hair and make-up for you ask around for budding stylists. Hair and make-up stylists who are just beginning their career will charge less than seasoned professionals. Many are also highly-skilled too, so you won’t have to compromise on quality.

Home-made Instead of Catering

Instead of hiring a caterer, why not enlist the help of your friends and family for a home-made, potluck option. You could suggest that each of them bring a single dish. If everyone brings a dish there will be plenty of food without straining any single person. Then you can set up a buffet area instead of having a traditional sit-down dinner.

At the end of the day, your wedding doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. When you plan carefully there won’t be any concern of going over budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on some things, like the wedding cake orwedding videography. Just remember to keep things balanced so you don’t go overboard or over budget!


Give Your Guests Something to Take Home with Beautiful Wedding Favours

With your wedding just around the corner, you may find it tempting to cut costs by leaving out wedding favours and other small details. However, favours are an important part of any celebratory event, and they can make a big impact on your guests. While you tailor the ceremony to meet you and your spouse-to-be’s needs, you should also give your guests a small gift to show them you care not only for your happiness but also for theirs.

As you plan your big day, you need to take into account many significant decisions, such as table décor and the colour of your table flowers. While you put the reception together, your planner will inevitably suggest putting together wedding favours. Many wedding planners choose to disclude them from the process, but most people consider them a wedding must.


For thousands of years, weddings and other monumental life events have been absolutely steeped in tradition. In today’s society, a few people prefer to skip many of the traditions as a matter of course, because they no longer fall in line with modern life. However, many people continue to practice certain traditions, such as wedding favours, for a number of reasons.

If you want to keep the tradition alive without exceeding your budget, you should consider simple but beautiful favour materials. For example, there are mini glass bottles perfect as wedding favours for your guests, because they can be filled with a number of wonderful treats and gifts. You can easily place small candies and other gifts inside the keepsake bottles. Furthermore, you can reuse the containers over and over again.

Several brides absolutely love the traditional aspects of a wedding, including the white dress and the classic, tiered cake. If you undoubtedly know that you are a typical bride, you must incorporate wedding favours to properly plan the event. In addition, a few regions expect to receive wedding favours, so you may be seen as having poor etiquette if you do not provide them.


A wedding guest’s responsibilities are more complex than simply arriving at an event, eating the provided meal, and then leaving. In fact, guests must often purchase completely new clothing, travel long distances, and take time off work to attend your event. Therefore, favours not only show your appreciation for their actions, but they also give your guests a reason to go home happy and content.


Favours made with lasting materials, such as glass bottles, can be kept as memories of your event. You want to create an absolutely unforgettable wedding, and you can help make it happen with gorgeous and thoughtful favours. Not only do your guests have something lovely to take home with them, but they can also gain a positive impression of you and your wedding party.

Whether or not this is your first wedding, the event should be a fun and exciting experience for everyone in attendance. You deserve nothing less on such an important day. Io make this happen, you should not only work toward what you want, but also take into account your guests happiness and expectations.

LifeStyles Wedding

Choose the Best Bridal Lingerie for Your D-Day

It is inevitable that you have done everything that needs to be done for your wedding preparations. They continue until the wedding ends and sometimes even after that! So it is important that every to be bride takes the time out to plan her lingerie wear and the hot dresses for honeymoon that she has to invest in. The lingerie for the wedding is essentially divided into two parts. The first one is what you wear for the event under your most beautiful dress and the second is the lingerie that you choose to wear during the first night when you are finally getting a chance to get close to your man.

The day wear lingerie will definitely be more functional and providing support to the heavy clothes that you have to carry but the nightwear for honeymoon should be comfortable and sexy. It has to be edgy of course since you want your man to not be able to take his eyes off you. Honeymoon special nighty helps reveal your most prized assets. It shows your skin also and protects your private parts so that some things can be left to imagination and the mystery of uncovering remains. Here are some tips to choose the perfect lingerie for your wedding:

Size – it matters so much! For the ceremony if you get something too tight or skimpy then you are bound to show that in the wedding pictures. A lace material which is tight can leave your breasts chaffed. Prevent sagging by getting a bra that supports your bosom but avoid underwire if you can since you don’t want a stabbed feeling on your sides. If you are heavy set then getting a full support bra is best. Garter belts are a good choice for you to start feeling the sexiness from the wedding ceremony itself.

Silhouette – A seamless bra and panty match could be your answer to the wedding ceremony lingerie whereas ahoneymoonspecial nighty will work wonders for the night. The nighty can have strong lines and show off your curves appropriately. Ribbons, lace, satin and silk are just a few types of fabrics available for the perfect lingerie.

Naughty or nice – You can choose what you want to be for your wedding night. Naughty would mean that you show more skin and tease him and nice would be a honeymoon special nighty with lace borders covering your private areas. This is a tease too but will allow for some modesty on your part. You husband is guaranteed to enjoy the ride regardless of which side you swing.

Colour options – most women fret about this a lot, it is actually a simple choice to make. At the ceremony you are looking for support and comfort. The lingerie should be seamless so nude shades are best. Bra and panty sets are most popular for the obvious reasons that they will provide the coverage without the stress of having a peeping bra. For the wedding night of course, the world is your oyster!

Buy the best bridal lingerie for your wedding day and night because you deserve nothing short of it.


Wedding Favors – Creative Ideas can Add Value that Speaks Volumes

Every couple dreams of an ideal wedding. You spend the wedding day with your dear friends and loving family, who have travelled from far or near to celebrate it. To express your gratitude towards guests offer meaningful and creative wedding favors. It will be appreciated by everyone.

Giving wedding favors is an ancient tradition that has extremely evolved over years. Now, couples use their creativity in presenting favors, which are personal and thoughtful.

Are Wedding Favors Essential?

Wedding favors are not crucial, but are a wonderful and gentle way of thanking the guests and giving them memoirs of your big day. If your budget does not allow you then don’t think of it, but remember favors need not be expensive or extravagant… is really the thought that matters.

How to Select a Favor

  • Be original
  • Choose something meaningful
  • Pick something to match your wedding theme
  • Gauge current trends to get an idea, but be unique
  • Remember not to waste money on things that guests are sure to leave behind on the tables or throw away

The true value is the intrinsic implication behind the gift along with lasting memories every guest will have about your wedding. If you are on budget put inexpensive hash tags, personalized ribbons or custom labels on any kind of gifts you select.

It can make a vast impact, if personalization is not your taste you can gift-pack wedding favors in small boxes or baskets or accent them with colorful ribbons. You will find plenty of unique favors from Pure Invitation, a well-appreciated brand.

Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas

  • A scented, colored candle that matches wedding theme
  • Candles made from thrifty teacups included with simple and cute embossed matchbox
  • A tin full of colored candies, personalized with wedding date and your names
  • Ready to plant miniature pots
  • Heart bottle stoppers, Wine charms or Wine bottles can all be custom-made
  • Instagram Coasters that include meaningful and beautiful photos (avoid to decorate coasters with your face)
  • Bar sets or corkscrews
  • Antique bottle openers
  • Mini sketch books
  • Journals
  • Personalized tea, coffee or cocktail mixes
  • Personalized lip balm will be truly appreciated as a person loses an average of one lip balm in a week
  • Savory and sweet homemade Granola with a choice to pick flavors from, these munchies will be enjoyed on the car ride home with delight
  • Load a CD or DVD with your personal playlist and favorite photos. Guests can go home excited with the memoirs that will be played forever
  • A personalized package of coffee beans
  • Salt water taffy in yummy flavors like pumpkin and hazelnut
  • For summer wedding sun glasses can be an ideal choice
  • Every guests can use an extra water bottle or shot glasses
  • Donuts, jar of jam, jar of mason moonshine
  • Homemade limoncello,Sriracha salt, vanilla extract, tiny pies in jar
  • For destination wedding luggage tags, soaps, flip flops(ladies in heels will certainly appreciate these)
  • Elegant hangover kit that includes Gatorade bottle, eye mask and ibuprofen
  • For weddings in November or December vintage ornaments are perfect
  • Customizable nail polish make a cute favor for your lovely bridesmaid
  • Get temporary tattoos that guests may actually desire to wear
  • Mugs personalized with couples initials or pictures filled with candies
  • Adorable containers filled with local honey
  • Cute tote bag


Wedding favors can be added to the table decorations or made part of reception flowers, linen and settings. The presentation and gift will reflect your intention. A little creativity touch and thoughtfulness is the key that can speak volumes.

Thoughtful Touches and Creativeness

  • Beautiful packaging– Wrappings wedding favors with ribbons, gift boxes and custom labels can take time but the gifts will look clean. It does not matter if the gift pack is simple and inexpensive, the effort you made to pack it will be felt.
  • Personalize it– Wedding favors can be made more special by engraving or printing your names & wedding dates or adding a unique message. If your handwriting is best then hand printing will give an extra personal touch. Some people hire calligraphers for penning a message on favor packages. Laser engraving on chopstick sets is classy but inexpensive option.
  • Make them functional– To the wedding favors, attach a tag with your guest’s name & table numbers. They can be set at the entrance on a table. Moreover, they will play the role of escort cards.
  • Create hang tags– Hang tags with your wedding date and new monogram can be hanged to the favors. Be creative and make hang tags of any shape, color or size.
  • Breakaway centerpieces –Centerpieces are comprised of several detachable elements. Centerpieces are often flower arrangement in several small vases or candles of varied heights. Boxes of wedding favors are stacked in the middle. Guests are invited to take them before heading home.
  • Dress chairs– You can save table space for food and hang the wedding favors bag with handles from reception chairs. This is an innovative way to present as well as dress the chair.
  • Wedding favor tree– An innovative concept for Christmas wedding. Punch holes in Glassine bags full of candy. With ribbons, twine them around tree branches. At the end, guests can unknot the bag and take home a sweet memento.
  • Pile in baskets– The wedding favors can be piled in several baskets and left at the door. Ensure that you leave a reminder note for the guests to take a gift before parting.
  • Have kids distribute them– Kids too can help. They can wall around the hall with basket full of wedding favors and give to each guest. Just be sure that they do not miss any table.

Remember the Little Guests

Usually children get the same wedding favors as adults, but a little juvenile touch towards their gifts will be appreciated. Give children personalized candies or cookies you know they are sure to enjoy. You can give them wedding bubblegum buddies that are all time favorites among little guests.

Wedding Favor Custom – Final Advice

Plan in advance! It does not matter whether the list comprises of 20 or 350 wedding guests. Planning gives you a lot of time to select wedding favors. You need time to research online sites and different retail stores. Wedding favors is all about sharing your love as well as adding the silver lining to your memorable wedding day.


5 Ways Women Should Prepare For The Wedding Day

After the man has successfully proposed, it is the time to gear up to prepare for the wedding ceremony. But what the girl should do next? Many women are slightly overwhelmed and excited at this stage. But, it is quite difficult to know where to start. But don’t be panic, because this is perfectly normal. Wedding is a huge investment and can cost about $30,000 in average.

For this reason, it is important to get help from everyone, including family members, relatives and professional wedding planners. Their helps can get us on the right track. We could also spend our time wisely and get organized.

  1. Celebrate briefly:

This is a very special moment in our life and it is necessary to celebrate it. Don’t turn it down if our friends offer to hold an engagement party. It’s the time to feel particularly beautiful and happy like a dream princess. This gets us used to becoming a marvellous and glowing bride. We should enjoy all the moment offered to us, especially if they make us happier.

Because before we know it, this happy moment could end very quickly, replaced with steady routine of marriage life, although it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  1. Decide the right way to have a wedding:

Before we do anything else, it is important to figure out what our dream wedding ceremony should look like. Many couples unknowingly skip this step and they may end up with the kind of wedding day that they are not too happy with. Many couples may start talking about simple excuses like they don’t have enough money or time to plan a wonderful wedding day.

It’s not all about money, but how we can be creative with it. Ask parents ,relatives and professional wedding planners for some good ideas. Many people have exciting wedding day with limited budget, because they are imaginative and resourceful enough to use everything in their surroundings. It is true that planning a good wedding day can be slightly stressful, but all the mental tension will disappear if we know how to do things properly.

  1. Determine proper budget:

Planning a budget shouldn’t be scary and we should be quite realistic with it. We should know where these funds should come from. We need to keep in mind about additional sources of fund, as an example parents could contribute and a rich uncle could help immensely. Who knows? However, it is important to be aware about other financial obligations as well.

Young couples also need to consider about repaying student loans and mortgage. We should be comfortable with the amount of money we want to spend for the wedding day. In fact, some couples are able to have an exciting wedding day for less than $20,000.

  1. Start your research:

Once we have set the proper date, it is important to immediately secure the perfect venue. We could decide where we should have our wonderful wedding day, it could be in a banquet hall, in a rustic setting on a farm, by the halls, in a garden, in a church, next to pristine lake, and the possibilities are simply endless!

  1. Consider free support from professional wedding planners:

Couples who are planning to have a wedding day could be like deer in the headlight. With adequate helps, planning for our wedding day shouldn’t be stressful and emotionally consuming. Some wedding planners provide free consultations, but we can hire them if we need additional service from them.