How Married Couples Should Reassess Sex?

Married Couples Should Reassess Sex

After years of sexual relationship, married couples may need a whole new understanding about sex. For them, sex is no longer about lust and physical attraction. They should also go beyond the old boundaries and try to go further to start a new and more expanded sexual revolution. More mature couples will agree that sex is no longer a brief activity that’s filled with lust and involving our reproductive organ.

Sexuality is a mesmerizingly compelling and colossally complicated force. It is an inescapable part of life and yet can still be shrouded in mystery. It works on a complex physical and psychological template, interplayed between reality and fantasy; sometimes also with slight hint of denial.

Sex can have many faces; it can be disappointing, frustrating, blissful, ecstatic, conflicted, chaotic, promising and powerful. For some, sex is divine; but for others, it can be demonic.

Unfortunately, sex can still be based on negative, old models from our old beliefs. Wrong assumptions can be perpetuated by modern media. It can be portrayed as a source of sorrow, chaos, frustration and unhappiness. We are living in a unique time when sex is overtly shown in the media, but hidden covertly behind the bedroom door in actual real life situations.

Married couples may need a completely new model of sexuality that incorporates sex as a bigger picture, a model that can portray us as a sexual being. There’s nothing wrong with this, because we won’t exist without a sexual encounter.

In reality, sexual revolution is not easy to achieve. There could be some serious backlash, imperfect progress and bumpy gains. What we need is a conscious connection and a philosophy that can bring our sex life back into connection with any aspect of our lives. This is a good way for us to honor the true power of sexuality. To be entirely human, we need an intact sexuality that is also healthy and functioning.

Joy, fun, intimacy pleasure and erotic expression are essential to make us entirely whole. Not only we need to have healthy sexual relationship with our spouse, we also need to maintain acceptable sexual connections with ourselves.

This relationship should involve our mind, body, experiences and history. It is also important to take into account beliefs that we are exposed to as we grew up. All these components may help us create more unique internal relationships. Our sexuality is also a representation of our spirit, heart, body and mind.

People who have less than ideal conditions in these four factors could have severely impaired sexuality. Ultimately, our sexuality is about everything in our lives.

These days, people are striving to be much healthier. Mainstream ideas include healthy eating, meditation and physical exercise. These activities could positively affect our body and mind, resulting in improved sexuality. In this situation, sex can be definitely good for us. Orgasms can replace some prescribed or over-the-counter psycho-pharmaceuticals. Satisfying erotic experience simply promote our self-esteem, confidence and well-being.

Smoothly flowing sexual energy can energize and revitalize our life force. This can make us truly healthy mentally and physically.