The secret tips to the ladies who want their man to be their slave

There is no secret that some of the women master over the art of making their men a slave. They just make use of their dirty mind and the sexy body to seduce the men and make them do everything which she wants. The skill of attracting a man and making him to get laid for you on the first meeting is really worthy. No matter if you are married or still looking for your partner, wearing the sexy lingerie is the simplest way to make your man to have the nasty desires for you. When your man sees you in such type of clothes, he can easily get aroused even if you don’t speak up a single word. At that moment, it is easier for you to turn your man for you and enjoy the pleasures in your bedroom.

Make your bedroom pleasures more exciting

Modern women are fun loving that’s why they feel themselves away from the sex taboo. They are quite interested in dating, making relationship, getting laid and enjoying everything around them. Many of them know how to make a man lust on her while many others prefer to take help from the internet to find out how they can enhance their bedroom pleasures. If you are also looking for such type of tips to make your life more enjoyable then take into consideration the following points. These will be helpful for you to escalate the sensual fun everyday with your partner.

  1. Be playful with your partner: When the man sees something exciting and arousing, his testosterone runs into his bloodstream. At that time, it is very easy for the woman to make his man go crazy for her. Men like the playful women especially those who initiate the step forward. Getting playful without speaking anything works like a miracle. The visual cues given by you can make him forget everything. “Bra-takeoff” is the simplest trick to start off the sensual heat in your bedroom. Catch the attention of your partner then slowly make your body bend backwards. Now raise-up your hands and clasp your arm around him to drive him naughty for you. You can also plan for a strip-tease to become playful for him.
  2. Utter some sexy words in ears of your partner: It is not only your act that increases the level of sensuality in your bedroom. Each and every word spoken also determines how much you are able to stimulate the sensuality in your bedroom. When you want your partner to give up dominance before you, whisper some nasty words in his ears. You can start adult talks and express your filthy desires for partner verbally to make your man aroused for you. This makes him unable to stop himself to get with the flow of sensuality which you have created. You can tell him about how sexy he is, how much you crave for his touch and what you are expecting from his bedroom performance. You can even anticipate the moment through sexting.
  3. Be a passionate kisser: Kissing your man is other simplest way to make him arouse for you. Men always like a woman who herself takes the charge of passionate kissing. If you want to take the control of your man, grab him and start kissing. This is surely going to ramp up your bedroom pleasures and your man will do everything which you want to feel better. It will be a surprising experience for him if you are grabbing him close to you and start kissing with more passion. If he likes some particular type of kissing then you can begin with that otherwise French kissing can alone do the wonders.
  4. Don’t miss to touch his weak points: To get subtle or build the sexual tension between you and your partner, get flirty and touchy with your partner in the bedroom. If your partner is right in front of you and you want to increase the anticipation of making love caresses his body with your fingers. Begin with the soft touch on his forehead, neck, under the arms, chest and palm. You can slowly move towards his trouser’s zip with a voluptuous smile to tell him what you want. This is surely going to make your partner unstoppable to give you the sensual pleasures which make you feel awesome. You can begin touching him sensually while giving him a massage to get relieved from the body stress after a long day work. This type of sensual treat makes your man to turn-on you easily.
  5. Always explore the new fun in your life: For many of the couples, sex can be a part of their daily routine so they feel less excited about it. This makes their sex life boring and monotonous which can be the reason for problems in their relationship. If you want to bring the newness in your sex life and want to feel the more exciting pleasures, start exploring the new things that you can include in your sex life. Watch porn movies together and follow every new position and act which you have not done till now. This brings a change in your sex life and makes your partner to love you more passionately. Having a healthy discussion on sex topic which can include sharing each other’s desires and expectations from sex can also help you to know how you can make your partner feel the pleasures of the bedroom.

There are many more suggestions for the women who want to gear up their sex life and bring a new level of excitement in their life. By following these tips, it will be easier to explore the bedroom fun. If you find that you are hesitated or have fear of rejection then you should first overcome these feeling. Women who are able to win the dominance in the bedroom can make their man to do anything for her in return of the sexual pleasures to their men.For more Sea Ranch Lakes Real Estate


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Three Things That Can Make Single Parents Happier

Many people have the unfortunate condition of being a single parent. This could be caused by divorce or the death of a spouse. Single parents are often seen “inappropriate” in many societies, although they don’t expect to have such a life. Single parents also come from any walk of life. They can have high or low incomes. Considering their situation, single parents should find ways to keep their spirit up.

They should be thankful of many things in their lives and focus on their children. These are three things that can make single parents happier:

  1. Children with single parents tend to be more independent:

Single parents must take the role of father, mother, educator and nurturer. Unfortunately, they can’t do all these roles entirely. For this reason, it is important for children to become more independent and do many things on their own. When their parent goes to work, children with single parents may need to do more chores at the house.

This could help children to establish the sense of self-discipline. How children act each day could determine how they will turn out in the future.

  1. Stronger bond with children:

When single parents and children have finally able to move one with their lives, they should be able to achieve some sort of resolution and peace. It will be easier for them to achieve happiness. When the divorce has been amicably sorted out, children could move on and accept that their parents are no longer together. This is an opportunity for single parents to establish stronger bond with children and be happier in days to come.

  1. Children with single parents can be more confident:

Children can take care of themselves when there is no one around. Children can be more confident about themselves and because better parents when they finally get married.
Obviously, there are obstacles that single parents need to encounter. Children could initially need to go through all the happiness and trauma, caused by the split or the death one of the parents.

It isn’t easy for children to hear words about divorce and death. Their first reaction would be to think how their lives would be without another parent. They need to cope with the significantly changed family structure and wonder whether they can cope with it. Children with single parent could initially feel neglected and unloved, so it is important for the parent to assure them.

If left unattended, these children could develop unnecessary behavioural problems. They may also need to deal with the usual stigma of children with only a single parent. They will find it harder to fit in, especially when they start to experience the peer pressure to do something inappropriate.

Single parents should be able to assure that all is not lost. They can have exciting activities together during the weekend. Parents should also be able to learn how to effectively become much more effective by gathering with those who have the same situation. This way, they won’t be overwhelmed by unexpected situations.


What To Do If Our Beloved Ex Starts To See Someone Else?

Looking for ways to get our ex back may not be easy, but we can do it. Break-ups can make us quite overwhelmed, especially if we are deeply in love. The situation can get worse if he or she is starting to see someone else. On top of the current disappointment, we also start to feel jealousy and betrayal. The situation seems to get worse. In reality, these emotions are perfectly natural and many people have been there.

Despite of this situation, we shouldn’t give up and in fact, a large proportion of broken relationships can be restored. However, we should know how to this properly. Obviously, we shouldn’t dive in headfirst, which could cause us to create more mess.

It is important to pay attention to relationship experts and they are more likely to be right compared to us. Wrong thing we do and say to our beloved ex could trigger further resistance and make the situation worse. In this situation, we should quiet ourselves down and take time to reflect. We shouldn’t beg and weep, because it is also important to retain our pride.

It is a bad idea to persuade our ex to take us back out of pity. Such a relationship won’t last long. We should be mature and reasonable. There are many good advices we can heed and this could give us a good chance to get our ex back.

In some cases, it is better to accept that our relationship is over, at least temporarily. We should apologize for our mistake, if it is entirely our fault. We should also wish our ex well and back off immediately. It’s a bad idea trying to stalk our ex through social media or even follow him/her. We shouldn’t make ourselves look desperate, because that’s really unattractive.

Also, don’t talk bad about our ex or his/her new lover, because we will lose respect from nearly everyone, including our friends. All of the above may against our inner intuition, but we could become more respectful by supporting our ex for the new relationship. Insecurities and jealousy may be inevitable, but we should manage and keep them to ourselves.

After a period of time, our ex could become more open to us and it is possible to communicate in good way. Until we could earn some trust, we should keep the relationship on a friendship-only basis. In fact, it is possible that we will be considered as confidante and closest friend. It is one thing that we are aiming towards. If our ex starts to discuss about his/her new lover, we should remain entirely neutral and be supportive.

In fact, there is a possibility that the new relationship deteriorates and we know to whom our ex will turn to. This is a good opportunity to get our ex back and we should remember things that we did when first fell in love with her. We should know why our ex attracted to us at the first place, was it our sassy confidence or appearance. It is important to regain these attributes to win him/her back.


Understanding Mistakes During The Start Of A Relationship

After we have gone through more than a couple of failures in relationships or marriage, it is easy to think that we are the culprit. But, perhaps it is not us and we happen to be pretty unlucky to have a series of failures. Even so, it is a good idea to immediately assess our situation and find sources of problems. Many of us are dreaming to find the perfect lover, the one that cherishes and loves us. Nothing is better than being in love with someone perfect.

The real problem is that, he or she may not be the Mr. or Mrs. Right. Many people are smart to figure out whether someone is good enough for them. However, when someone shows his or her interest, it is probably that person is genuinely attracted to our physical appearance or the person simply thinks that we will succumb easily to his/her charms. So let’s assume that the person is genuinely attracted to us.

This will be much better if we are also attracted to him or her. It is quite common to hear relationships begin from friendship, intellectual and business connections. There’s nothing wrong it, many successful relationships also started with physical attractions.

However we should know that bad things could start at this stage. Men typically try to convince women that they are sincere and when women believe them, it is very likely that the relationship will proceed. But if it is not, it is also possible that women will say no. Obviously, there are players who have multiple tricks to get attention from girls. They may even memorize maps to start the conversation with girls.

They pretend that they live in a nearby place from the girl’s hometown and even started to talk about people that they don’t know. Girls love to meet someone who lives nearby and this would be an opportunity for players to take advantage of these girls. Most women would feel angry and hurt, because they are used and lied to. But the problem is because they are unable to find out whether a man is completely sincere.

In fact many players may say that girls tend to live for the fantasy and they want a dream. If men could provide that, girls could start to forget everything and they don’t even realize that these men are using them. Obviously, girls are not entirely sincere either. They don’t talk about their usual morning cramps and recent P.M.S. They don’t want to let the man know how they look like without makeup during the first few months.

Evaluating the start of a relationship can be very difficult to do, but we should learn from our previous failures and even better our friends’ failures to prevent repeating them again. With each new mistake, we could always improve ourselves and try to eliminate bad habits progressively. Good habits may take some time to form, but they may require a lot of rewards and repetition.


How to Get Back Into Dating

It really doesn’t matter why, how or whether you’re single and if you’re completely happy with your lot then more power to you. However, if you fancy seeking that special someone to share the rest of your life with but you’re not entirely sure where to start then, don’t panic, help is at hand.

As you may have noticed on TV and the Internet, getting singles together is big business and from online flirting to first-date nerves, check out the great list below that features everything that you need to know about how to get back on to the dating horse.

Coffee time!


Dating websites are littered throughout the Internet like confetti strewn across a church graveyard and if you fancy paying a small fee and signing-up then prepare to answer some pretty intimate questions to help you find your ideal partner. Be aware people online often exaggerate so don’t build your hopes up too high and make sure you take sensible precautions when meeting someone for the first time.


If you feel that either a. you don’t have the time for wordplay or b. you’re pretty good with first appearances then perhaps the world of speed-dating is for you. This is your chance to meet as many potential suitors as possible within the space of an hour. Church halls, bars and theatres have all been used as speed dating venues and if your preferred choice matches with someone that you’ve just met then you could be on to a winner.

Blind Date

Well meaning friends and family members are forever playing match-makers to singles and like it or not sometimes these are exactly the people who know you, and ‘your type’, the best. Of course, ‘your type’ may not always be available so you could end up going on a set-up blind date with the only other singleton in the village, again!

Best practise: treat a blind date as a bit of fun and see how you get on although,if you can text, email or even speak before you meet then all the better.

Chance Encounters

Wait a minute, single people don’t just have to be set up by friends or have to go online to discover a compatible partner, what ever happened to seeing someone across a crowded room and falling head-over-heels in love? For all the dreamers out there that are hoping for a chance encounter the best advice is to stop looking and you never know what maybe waiting for you around the very next corner.

Singles Holidays

A thoroughly modern means of getting back into the dating game involves travelling to far-flung corners of the world and meeting other like-minded people as you go. Singles adventure holidays especially give you the chance to meet, get to know and share experiences and forget all about being on your own and just have some fun. If no romantic spark flies then who cares at least you’re on holiday and having a great time!

Dinner Dates

Ah, back to our good old friends again who can’t stop themselves from meddling. If you get invited to dinner and discover that there just so happens to be another single person sitting conveniently opposite you then you, my friend, have been set up. Swallow your pride before you swallow the food and then just get on with it because, who knows, it could be the start of a thoroughly entertaining evening with plenty of dessert to follow.


Getting back to basics by throwing some shapes on a dance floor has to be one of the most tried and tested ways to get back into the dating game. These days you can attend ‘singles nights’ or ‘over (add age here) nights’ so you lessen the chances of feeling like a complete fool and actually get to meet people who you might have something in common with.

P.s. for those who haven’t put their glad rags on for a while – slow songs are pretty rare so don’t wait ‘till the end of the night to make your moves.

Lonely Hearts’ ads

For every newspaper, regional or national, there’s a lonely hearts’ column to be located somewhere towards the back in between the free-ad space. Believe it or not some of these people are actually real and although this may not be the most modern method of finding love it has worked for many people before so don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it.

Be aware: there can be a lot of ‘eccentrics’ out there so take care before diving into the unknown.

Be Brave

Last but by no means least is exactly what you need to be to get back into the dating game – you need to be brave! Get out there and ask out your boss or wink at the chap in the library or leave your telephone number for the waitress in the coffee shop because you never know what might happen unless you try!


How Married Couples Should Reassess Sex?

After years of sexual relationship, married couples may need a whole new understanding about sex. For them, sex is no longer about lust and physical attraction. They should also go beyond the old boundaries and try to go further to start a new and more expanded sexual revolution. More mature couples will agree that sex is no longer a brief activity that’s filled with lust and involving our reproductive organ.

Sexuality is a mesmerizingly compelling and colossally complicated force. It is an inescapable part of life and yet can still be shrouded in mystery. It works on a complex physical and psychological template, interplayed between reality and fantasy; sometimes also with slight hint of denial.

Sex can have many faces; it can be disappointing, frustrating, blissful, ecstatic, conflicted, chaotic, promising and powerful. For some, sex is divine; but for others, it can be demonic.

Unfortunately, sex can still be based on negative, old models from our old beliefs. Wrong assumptions can be perpetuated by modern media. It can be portrayed as a source of sorrow, chaos, frustration and unhappiness. We are living in a unique time when sex is overtly shown in the media, but hidden covertly behind the bedroom door in actual real life situations.

Married couples may need a completely new model of sexuality that incorporates sex as a bigger picture, a model that can portray us as a sexual being. There’s nothing wrong with this, because we won’t exist without a sexual encounter.

In reality, sexual revolution is not easy to achieve. There could be some serious backlash, imperfect progress and bumpy gains. What we need is a conscious connection and a philosophy that can bring our sex life back into connection with any aspect of our lives. This is a good way for us to honor the true power of sexuality. To be entirely human, we need an intact sexuality that is also healthy and functioning.

Joy, fun, intimacy pleasure and erotic expression are essential to make us entirely whole. Not only we need to have healthy sexual relationship with our spouse, we also need to maintain acceptable sexual connections with ourselves.

This relationship should involve our mind, body, experiences and history. It is also important to take into account beliefs that we are exposed to as we grew up. All these components may help us create more unique internal relationships. Our sexuality is also a representation of our spirit, heart, body and mind.

People who have less than ideal conditions in these four factors could have severely impaired sexuality. Ultimately, our sexuality is about everything in our lives.

These days, people are striving to be much healthier. Mainstream ideas include healthy eating, meditation and physical exercise. These activities could positively affect our body and mind, resulting in improved sexuality. In this situation, sex can be definitely good for us. Orgasms can replace some prescribed or over-the-counter psycho-pharmaceuticals. Satisfying erotic experience simply promote our self-esteem, confidence and well-being.

Smoothly flowing sexual energy can energize and revitalize our life force. This can make us truly healthy mentally and physically.


8 Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Works

For many people, long distance relationships (LDR) are dreadful, especially when they see other couples walk happily hand-in-hand on the park. But does LDR works? How can we keep on staying faithful and loving someone if we are unable to meet him/her? These things can make you achieve that:

  1. Always communicate:

Communication is the key and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Lack of communication may make our relationship quivers and eventually dies. We should give communication the utmost importance and keeps it open. From email to text message to phone calls to instant messaging to postcards, there so many ways to keep the communication line open.

  1. Send off adorable packages regularly:

This could be an adorable scrapbook or a box of chocolate. The type of gift is limited to our imagination and we should engage ourselves by trying to be particularly creative.

  1. Keep yourself properly busy:

We shouldn’t just sit and wait endlessly for our lover to arrive. This is a miserable way to spend our time and may actually stunt our personal growth. We have to be properly focused in ourselves and get in touch with our creative self. During our spare time, we can read books to grow ourselves emotionally and intellectually.

  1. Always be honest:

Honesty is the true path towards lasting relationship and true intimacy. Total honesty in its fullest sense is important. We should be authentic and try to tell only the truth about our boundaries, issues, wants, needs, feelings, thoughts and other things. This is an essential factor if we want to make our relationship really last.

  1. Prioritize trust:

In any relationship, trust is a fundamental aspect, because it can take away a truckload of doubt. When we are being trustworthy and also trust our lover, there’s no reason to question the relationship. People with LDR should learn to value trust and push away negative thoughts.

  1. Keep a commitment:

People with LDR should be committed and learn how to commit. One likely reason why LDR fails is that both parties can’t have their commitment. Many people are simply unable to withstand the test of time. LDR requires us to commit ourselves without shilly-shallying. This should keep our passion and love alive.

  1. Be patient:

Keeping a long distance relationship intact often requires perseverance and steadfast motivation. People who don’t posses this kind of qualities and are involved in LDR should learn to be especially patient. They need to keep their focus only good aspects of this relationship and be optimistic. It is important to value our partner and the entire relationship. By willing to undergo the relationship patiently, we could let our partner know that we love him/her.

  1. Use webcam:

This should be applicable for many people, because computer and reliable Internet connection are widely available. Alternatively, we could go to the nearest Internet cafe and choose computers with webcam attached. Using webcam can be especially exciting and very fun. When using instant messaging with webcam, the sight of our partner smiling when he/she sees our messages can really melt our heart.


7 Social Media Tips For People With Long Distance Relationship

Other than phone, email and instant messaging; social media is also an important relation tool, especially for people who are separated by a wide distance. There are a number of social media guidelines that people with long distance relationship should consider:

  1. Use appropriate relationship status:

Imagine what if someone is going after our boyfriend or girlfriend. One effective way to stop this threat is by using proper relationship status on our social media page. Use the “in a relationship with” status, to let others know that our lover is no longer available. When we or our lover have a slight temptation to be unfaithful, the status could also stop the potentially bad situation from escalating.

  1. Have picture together and use it for the profile:

It’s important to use a picture that shows us as a couple. This would tell any potential hunter that our lover is take and perfectly happy with current relationship. This shouldn’t leave any room for unwanted opportunity.

  1. Share inspiring posts about our relationship:

Reading posts that our lover sends about our relationship can be very pleasant. This makes us feeling being cared about. It is important to write a comment and post something similar in the near future. Sharing is caring and in this case, it also tells everyone that we are being serious with the relationship. But obviously, we shouldn’t overdo it.

  1. Go online together at specific time:

This is something that people should do when they have long distance relationship. We should have an agreement on when we should use social media platforms together. Couples can determine when they should have a chat through the built-in instant messaging feature. It is also a good idea to post something on the wall and have an active conversation for others to see.

  1. Avoid online arguments:

Couples shouldn’t argue online, because everyone can immediately see the embarrassing acts of maturity. It is a much better idea to take any argument offline and find a solution in more mature ways. This way, we won’t make a fool of ourselves.

  1. Create a private nest in social media:

There’s a time when having privacy time in social media is necessary and it can go beyond the usual instant messaging feature. As an example, it is possible to create a couple of new Facebook accounts as your alternate secret identities. We can also make a secret Facebook group where only two of you as member. This is a perfect private Love Nest where we can share private stuff and express our lives. And if it comes to it, it is an ideal place to have an “online fight” and this give couple a good opportunity to reflect on their relationships.

  1. Avoid too much public conversations with girlfriends or boyfriends:

This may seem like an innocent thing to do for many of use, but having too much online conversation with girlfriends or boyfriends can set our partner on fire. It is also annoying to see our lovers engage in prolonged conversations with friends of opposite sex.


3 Steps To Minimize Arguments

Many couples end up in meaningless slinging matches as they try to outdo one another. This could include swearing, screaming, yelling, belittling and derogatory name calling. Even the most passionate relationship could be affected by arguments. Conflict is a part of any relationship, although not all of them are intense. In fact, arguments can help us to nurture strong relationships and take the whole thing into the next level. However, people who are unable to control themselves could end up feeling insecure disconnected anxious, upset, sad and empty.

Arguments may happen when we try to communicate something that upset us. Bad many people are poor at communicating and this could cause some unexpected side effects. One the other hand, some couple may deliberately try to minimize arguments and conflicts by avoiding such communication. As the result, problems remain persistent and may even accumulate.

It would be wonderful if we are able to talk about these things peacefully and find solutions smoothly. But this may not always happen. We should always communicate with our partner about things that upset us, but it is also important to avoid bad arguments:

  1. Don’t argue when we are upset or angry:

It is the basic rule we need to follow. Sometimes our blood is simply boiling and we just want to rip our loved-ones off to shred, figuratively of course. In this case, we should be able to calm down, because it is not possible to think straight when we are angry. This could cause us to say things that we don’t plan to. This is also a perfect stage to trigger actual physical violence.

This is particularly true on families that are equally abusive to one another. There are too many cases of domestic violence around us and we should prevent another one from occurring.

  1. Don’t blame:

We don’t like it if we are attacked verbally. This could put us into a defensive down and we may shut down. We don’t want to listen and respond to people who blame us. For this reason, we should also not become the one who always blame. Unless something needs to be solved, what has happened before should stay in the past. Our life is already complicated enough without thinking about our past.

It is important to address any relevant issue. We shouldn’t throw all past mistakes to our partner, because this will make it harder to solve current problems.

  1. Don’t try to win:

This is not a game of lose and win. It is about solving problems and making sure that things will get better. Instead of looking for ways to win, we should try to solve problems. Listening is also an important part of the communication and it allows us to understand our situation better. After gathering enough information from our partners, it is possible for to construct possible solutions.

This step requires patience and perhaps, a little bit more patience. Because listening without responding can be very difficult to do.