Nomination Links: Starter Bracelet or Make Your Own


If there is a jewellery item to which you could apply the saying, “start somewhere,” it would be with Nomination bracelets. With this in mind, you’d be wise if “somewhere” was with a classic base bracelet in one of several hues (gun barrel grey, gold, rose gold, bred-hematite, stainless steel, or bred blue). From this point you can make your bracelet as eye-catching and personal as you’d like. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find these desirable items available online for a very reasonable price.

Once you’ve made your start with a base bracelet, you can connect charms to complete bracelets, with small hooks to easily lock your charms together. A key part of enjoying Nominations bracelets and Nomination links comes with removing charms, adding new charms and creating a completely new item of jewellery. Starter bracelets are made of blank charms, which means you simply remove one of the blank pieces to add the personal charm in its place.

A Popular Style

This bracelet style has become so popular that you can even find a specially designed charm tool to help you make changes more easily. Each charm has a hook on one side and a slightly different connector on the opposite side. Simply slide the charm open to reveal the hook. When you release the slide held by your thumb and finger, the piece springs into place and locks the two charms together.

Charms are made from a variety of materials. For example, an “I Love You” charm is available made with stainless steel, with the engraving in gold plating. Another popular charm is the stainless steel/gold with a stone setting, including a choice of stone colours to suit your personal tastes. You’ll also find charms with double stones in several colours, as well as charms depicting little boys and little girls, the word “Mom,” and the gold-coloured Infinity symbol set off from the stainless steel background.

So Many Choices

As mentioned, many people begin with a starter bracelet and add charms as they find the individual items they like. Some customers don’t start with a standard 18-link bracelet (for the average wrist) but buy as many unique charms as they need to make their own bracelet from day one. You might choose a combination of the more “serious” charms, such as those already mentioned, along with a few light-hearted pieces such as the “Smack” with an impression of lips or the word “Travel” accompanied by the outline of a paper airplane.

Of course, you also have choices such as “50,” “60,” and others to mark important anniversaries, along with “Christening” accompanied by a blue bow or a pink bow. You’ll even find charms showing a baby’s “dummy” or pacifier, a piece adorned by a pair of ballet shoes, even an ice cream cone, if that’s your preference.

You can wear your Nomination bracelet all day because it’s made of stainless steel. You may want to avoid wearing your bracelet in conditions where it might get too wet. The most serious issue with moisture is that water affects the internal mechanism, which could mean that you’d have to replace that particular charm. Take care in moist situations.