Things You Need To Consider When Selecting A Diamond Solitaire Ring


A precious diamond ring is every woman’s desire. A solitaire form of a ring is different from other ordinary diamond rings. In this ring, in place of several diamonds that surround the central diamond, there is only one central diamond or any other stone.

The rich look it creates, it sure to take away the heart of everyone. Like any other diamond jewellery, this type of ring is very precious and expensive. So, you need to learn about several aspects and pros and cons of this ring to make the right purchase.

Choose the right type of diamond

The right solitaire diamond ring is the result of the right type of diamond placed in it. This is the major part of choosing the ring. To find the best diamond, you need to learn about its attributes such as colour, cut and clarity.

  • Colour

The colour of the diamond is ranked using alphabets ranging from D to Z. Stones bearing D, E and F range have no colour. As you go down on the colour scale, stones after F letter, gives you yellowish tints in the diamonds.


Clarity of the diamond depends on the visibility of its internal natural defects. Diamonds come in different clarities such as FL for flawless, IF for internally flawless. Go for diamond solitaire rings that give you the best clarity and negligible defects.

If you are looking for an affordable ring, then look for the options that are available in SI (Slightly Included) range. Diamond in this range is SI 1 and SI 2. This type of diamond bears a slight imperfection in them that may not be visible when viewed from a normal distance.

  • Cut

Solitaire ring designs are close to the heart of every woman. The cut of a diamond determines the solitaire rings design. It is also an aspect that shows the extent of light that will be reflected from it. It helps in determining its sparkle and brilliance.

Round shaped diamonds are very common and so look boring and lifeless. Ensure the cut of the stone you select is graded Very Good or Excellent. Nowadays you will find solitaire rings India in several exciting designs. There are several online jewellery stores that provide you best quality diamond rings at the most competitive prices.

Choose the right metal for the ring

Selection of the right metal is equally important as the selection of the diamond for solitaire rings. Metal of the ring should be durable and less susceptible to wear and tear. For those who prefer warmer tones, yellow gold is an excellent choice.

The only drawback of this metal is that it is relatively soft and easy to get damaged. As rings are a one-time purchase, you should always go for the durable ones. White gold is more durable and hard than its yellow gold.


Diamond rings are timeless pieces that are the dream of every woman. By understanding these significant factors and using them in your purchase would surely help you make an efficient selection.