What to Look for in a New Piece of Bohemian Jewellery


If you have a passion for fashion and a love of jewellery in particular, you’re not alone. One of the great universals across the world is a love for the kind of self-expression and beautification that comes from the use of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and all manner of different jewellery. Jewels have played an important role in culture throughout the world with all manner of styles and stones combining to create a dazzling array of different displays.

A new piece of jewellery can be a great way to revitalise your look. From the band to the jewel setting itself, there are a variety of things to take into consideration when choosing a new piece of jewellery.

Types of Stones and Settings

Of course, the centrepiece of any piece of jewellery has to be its stone. There are so many different kinds of stones that, in turn, can have any number of different aesthetic and personal points of resonance. Birthstones such as turquoise, quartz, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire, for example, can be a beautifully meaningful way for a person to carry a stone as his or her own personal star through life.

One aspect to take into account when it comes to stones and settings is just how many of each are included in any given piece of jewellery. Some pieces include one larger prominently-set stone while others feature a variety of smaller stones arranged in an array of dazzling patterns.

Types of Bands

While the stone itself is of course the most eye-catching aspect of most pieces of jewellery, the band itself is naturally incredibly critical. First and foremost, you want to be sure that any piece of jewellery you have is made from only the best and most long-lasting of materials. If the band isn’t sturdy or able to firmly hold the setting in place, the rest will all fall apart, perhaps literally.

And then there is the aesthetic appeal of the band itself. Even the most stunning stone can stand to be complemented a bit by a beautifully-crafted band. There are a variety of ways to dress up a band from choosing more opulent materials to a carefully decorated and detailed offering.

The Price

It might not be the most exciting element of jewellery shopping, but it’s certainly one of the most important – price. For as much as we might all love to purchase every last piece that catches our fancy, the fact of the matter is that price is a very practical concern. Everything from the gemstone itself to the material used in the band to the overall shaping and styling of both plays a role in crafting that price. Taken together, all of these factors play into the increased popularity of bohemian bracelets on the whole and Indie and Harper bohemian bracelets in particular. They’re chic and sturdily-crafted while remaining affordable, with that bohemian style casual enough for everyday use while still being bold enough to wear to splashier events as well.

Up your beauty game today with a great new bracelet that reflects your own personality today!